George Osborne announces 2014 Budget

Watch live as the Chancellor George Osborne delivers his penultimate Budget before the next General Election.

Is the Tory's beer and bingo advert patronising?


#budget2014 cuts bingo & beer tax helping hardworking people do more of the things they enjoy. RT to spread the word


An advert by the Conservative Party highlighting changes to bingo and beer taxes has been described by Labour has patronising.

In the budget a 1p cut in beer duty and a halving of the tax on bingo to 10% was announced.

We want to know what you think. Will cutting the tax on bingo and beer make a difference to you? Do you think the advert is patronising?

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Local MPs react on twitter to 2014 Budget announcements


A superb budget for great British economy for savers, Workers & employers: growing & employing more. @george_osborne #LongTermEconomicPlan


Delighted that in Budget the Gov has announced it will ensure offshore bookies pay levy – something I have pushed for


Income tax threshold up to £10.5k, more apprenticeships, and support for small businesses to invest. #budget2014