Red Bull awarded Freedom of the Borough of Milton Keynes

The Red Bull Formula One racing team based in Milton Keynes has been awarded the Freedom of the Borough.

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Red Bull Racing commits future to Milton Keynes

Red Bull Racing has committed its future to Milton Keynes and promised further investment.

Christian Horner, the team principal of Red Bull Racing said the company would "absolutely not" be moving to Austria where its parent company Red Bull is based.

Mr Horner added: "We're continuing to invest in Milton Keynes, to grow the facility and hopefully through what we do we've managed to put Milton Keynes a little bit on the map on the world stage."

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Milton Keynes benefits from the 'Red Bull effect'

The benefits of having a Formula One racing team based in your town will be highlighted at a special ceremony in Milton Keynes.

The Red Bull Racing Formula One team plays a vital role to the town.

As well as pumping millions into the local economy, it employs more than 500 people and attracts new investment to the town.

Later tonight the team which is based in Tilbrook will be awarded the Freedom of the Borough.

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Mayor says town wants to 'recognise' Red Bull's achievements

The Mayor of Milton Keynes said the town wants to "recognise" the achievements of Red Bull Racing.

Brian White made the comments ahead of a special ceremony tonight, honouring Red Bull Racing with the Freedom of the Borough.

Mr White, Mayor of Milton Keynes, said: "We've always had a long history of motor sport in Milton Keynes, but Red Bull have been particularly successful over the last few years and we want to recognise that."

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