Health screening after TB cluster

It's been confirmed that 17 people, who work at two Chatteris factories, have been treated for Tuberculosis.

One worker has died and the cause of his death is being investigated.

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TB screening in Cambridgeshire after cluster of cases

The UKIP group leader at Cambridgeshire County Council is calling for all migrant workers from countries with high levels of tuberculosis to be screened before coming to Britain.

Paul Bullen made his remarks to ITV News Anglia following the diagnosis of 17 cases of the disease among workers at factories in Chatteris near Ely.

Staff at a factory where some of the infected people had worked, have been offered TB screening,

Public Health England says they cannot screen migrants from the European Union for TB, but that migrants from other countries with high rates of the disease are required to give proof they have been recently screened and are clear of the disease.

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Tuberculosis outbreak investigated in Cambridgeshire

It’s been confirmed that 17 workers from two factories in Cambridgeshire have been diagnosed with tuberculosis.

One person has died and the cause of the outbreak is still under investigation but all are now receiving treatment.

The first reported case was in 2012.

Public Health England has said that all those affected have now been treated and are no longer infectious.

It is understood that screening is being carried out for those who worked or travelled with infected colleagues.

That’s been described as a routine precaution.

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