Parking ticket after stopping for 9 seconds

A woman's been issued with a parking ticket after stopping near Luton Airport for just 9 seconds. Katy Lee was looking for directions.

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Parking ticket issued for nine second wait

It's not often that someone receives a parking ticket for taking too long at a roundabout but that's exactly what happened to a woman at Luton Airport recently.

Yes, Katy Lee was heading to a meeting when she momentarily lost her bearings while trying to find the short-term car park. A few days later, and an £80 fine had dropped through her letterbox.

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The 9 second parking ticket

A woman has received an £80 parking fine after stopping at a Luton Airport roundabout for just nine seconds.

Katy Lee paused while trying to find the airport's short-term car park.

CCTV of Katy Lee stopped for 9 seconds Credit: ITV Anglia

The APCOA parking authority initially rejected Miss Lee's appeal on the grounds that she'd stopped in a restricted zone.

After a call from ITV Anglia they cancelled the fine accepting that she was just trying to get her bearings.


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