Millions to be spent repairing potholes

Councils in the region are to get more than £12 million to fix potholes.

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Millions of pounds for region's potholes

Millions of pounds of government money is heading for our region to help repair potholes.

Councils across the country will receive a one-off cash injection, after recent harsh winters left road repairs in some areas running into millions of pounds.

It's good news in particular for those in Northamptonshire. The council there's been allocated one of the highest shares in the country.

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Councils handed significant government funding to repair potholes

Millions of pounds is to be spent repairing potholes in the region. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Millions of pounds is to be spent repairing potholes in the region.

Northamptonshire will be given £3 million to fix 62,000 potholes, while Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes will get smaller amounts of funding from the government.

Meanwhile, Norfolk gets the largest amount at nearly £5.5 million to fix over 100,000 potholes while Essex will get £4.4 million and Suffolk over £2.2 million.

The government says its the biggest investment in roads since the 70s.

Councillor Toby Coke. Credit: ITV News Anglia

"At the end of the last financial year, there was a backlog of some £80 million of potholes and surface deteriorations," Councillor Toby Coke from Norfolk County Council said.

"Yes, it's good news but it's more or less papering over the cracks."


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