Norfolk Show enjoys successful second day

Its the second day of the Royal Norfolk Show and the President, Prince Edward, has spent another day touring the exhibits

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Norfolk Show: Becky and sons' day on a budget

Our county shows pride themselves on being a great family day out, schools across Norfolk even get a day off so those parents, that don't have to work, can take them along...

But how many of us have done just that, then realised at the end of the day they've spent a whole heap of cash? Becky Jago, and sons, set out to prove that doesn't have to be the case.....

Norfolk Show: Pupils learn all about potatoes

When a survey came out last year suggesting that a 3rd of primary school pupils think cheese is made from plants, and pasta and bread from meat... it got a few people rather worried. One school in Norfolk was determined to educate their pupils.

They were one of many who have linked up with the potato council, and the results... well see for yourself...


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  • Show ticket sales up

    Organisers of the Royal Norfolk Show say ticket numbers are up this year. Its President Prince Edward is spending a second day there.