Women's Tour: Behind the scenes with a British team

ITV News Anglia goes behind-the-scenes with one of the British cycling teams hoping for victory at this year's Women's Tour. Last year, hundreds of thousands of people lined the streets in our region to cheer on the world's best female cyclists and now the tour is back for its second year. We bring you an exclusive look at what life is really like on the road and what it takes to win a road race.

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  1. Sarah Cooper @SarahCooperITV

Race day: A British team take on the world's best

With less than a week until hundreds of the world's best female cyclists race through our region at the Women's Tour, we've been finding out what it takes to compete at the very top.

We're behind-the-scenes with one of the British teams taking part, getting an exclusive look at life on the road, at one of their last big tests before the tour. Team Matrix Fitness got off to a good start in the time trial over in Luxembourg, but tonight, tension mounts ahead of the big race. And, as Sarah Cooper reports, it's a big challenge.


  1. Sarah Cooper @SarahCooperITV

Women's Tour: Getting ready for race weekend

It's fair to say 2014 was a pretty good year for cycling in our region, we saw history made twice, with Essex and Cambridgeshire hosting a stage of the Tour de France and the first ever Women's Tour starting in Northamptonshire and finishing in Suffolk.

The good news is, the cycling is set to continue, when the Women's Tour returns to the East next week.

Once again, thousands are expected to be out on the roads, cheering on the world's top female cyclists, but what does it take to win a road race? To find out, Sarah Cooper's been behind-the-scenes with one of the British teams, in training for the tour.


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