Missing RAF serviceman

Police are searching for an RAF serviceman who went missing after a night out in Suffolk. Corrie McKeague was last seen in Bury St Edmunds.

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'Those moments never leave me.' Corrie's father on watching the landfill search for his missing son

Martin McKeague with his son Corrie when he was younger. Credit: Family photo
Corrie McKeague was a serviceman at RAF Honington Credit: ITV News Anglia

The father of missing airman Corrie McKeague has thanked the teams searching for him in a landfill site at Milton near Cambridge and released a new photo of him at a younger age.

Read Martin McKeague's thoughts on the search below.

"Hi Folks, It’s easy to forget. And it’s easy to overlook things and set them aside. Then they slip away from view. It’s like the tireless work and effort, and the dedication and determination that’s happening just beyond the cameras and the headlines. And all of those hours, days and weeks have now become months.

The volunteers from the Norfolk and Suffolk police departments have sweat and toiled to move heaven and earth for us. They’ve raked and sifted through 80 to 90 tons of landfill rubbish each day. And for the most part it’s been under the radar. And all the while the excavation continues. Sixteen weeks pass. Sixteen long weeks.

The diggers keep digging and the volunteers keep raking and sweating through 4,900 tons of Suffolk’s waste and refuse. I’m allowed to visit this landfill site just once each week for an hour or so, to talk to the faces I know and those I’m meeting for the first time. They tell me about their work - the search for my son. They thank me for coming here.

It’s humbling to be told how much they appreciate a parent showing their gratitude face-to-face week in and week out. Then I watch them as they return to the now stadium-sized hole they’ve cleared.

Those moments never leave me. They never will. So I write about them here as often as I can, because people forget most everything, except the way that you made them feel.

Every time I write something about Corrie to all of you amazing people who have cared enough to remember, to stand up and stand by us, I think about how this journey has made me feel and try and share that with you.

And maybe if I can just continue to share these words with all of you then we can get beyond the chance of forgetting, beyond letting things slip.

Because nothing has changed in the search for my son. "

The Suffolk Police incident room number is 01473 782019.

Corrie's girlfriend posts new picture of 'mummy's perfect princess'

The picture was posted on April's Facebook page captioned: 'mummy's perfect princess'. Credit: April Oliver

The girlfriend of missing RAF serviceman Corrie McKeague has released a new photo of their baby daughter.

Corrie disappeared on a night out with friends in Bury St Edmunds in September.

Police have been searching a landfill site in Milton for more than 14 weeks and have sifted through 4,000 tonnes of waste.

April Oliver posted the picture of their newborn baby girl on her Facebook page along with the caption 'mummy's perfect princess'.

Corrie's mum meets her new baby granddaughter

Credit: Nicola Urquhart

Corrie McKeague's mum Nicola Urquhart has met her new granddaughter after the girlfriend of the missing RAF serviceman gave birth to his baby.

Corrie's girlfriend April-Louise Oliver broke the news on Fathers Day by posting a picture of her smiling at the camera, cradling her daughter in her arms.

In a statement on Facebook Nicola said

We have finally welcomed this beautiful little lady into the world. She is absolutely perfect. I am so very proud of April for getting her here safely. Both mummy and baby are doing well. Thank you so much for all your love and support x x x

– Nicola Urquhart


Police say they remain focused on search for missing Corrie

Corrie McKeague was last seen on Saturday 24 September

Suffolk Police say they remain focused on the search for missing RAF airman Corrie McKeague, despite speculation that it may be coming to an end.

A search of the landfill site at Milton in Cambridgeshire enters it's 14th week today (Monday 5th June)

Suffolk Police say there is no planned "stop date" for the search, and that it will continue as long as they are finding items of interest from the correct time period.

Search for missing Corrie could end next week

Corrie McKeague was based at RAF Honington in Suffolk.

The search for missing airman Corrie McKeague could end next week.

The 23-year-old airman went missing after a night out in Bury St Edmunds in September.

He was last seen on CCTV walking into an area of bins.

Suffolk Police say the search at the Milton landfill site near Cambridge has been going on for 13 weeks, but there could be a further extension depending on what's found.

Corrie McKeague search extended for another three weeks

Corrie McKeague went missing in September 2016. Credit: Suffolk Police

Police investigating the disappearance of missing RAF serviceman Corrie McKeague say they will continue searching a landfill site in Cambridgeshire for at least another three weeks.

The 23-year-old vanished following a night out in Bury St Edmunds in September.

Officers have spent the last 10 and a half weeks sifting through more than 3,500 tonnes of waste at the site in Milton, but haven't found any trace of the airman.

However, they say they have have discovered rubbish from Bury St Edmunds that dates back to the same time Corrie went missing.

As this type of search is so unusual, it was not known how the waste would have moved and as the work has progressed officers have gained a greater understanding of both how the waste is deposited and spread out, and the nature and construction of the site. Officers continue to take all of this into account as the search continues.

The work is under constant review and now, in week 11, in view of the dates on items still being found and advice from officers on the ground and the site team, it is likely the search will continue for at least three further weeks to ensure that the area holding waste from the relevant period is comprehensively examined.

– Suffolk Police spokesperson
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