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'Signals received from stable' Philae Lander after comet landing

Professor of Astrophysics Chris Lintott has been tweeting from the European Space Agency control room and has said that the Philae Lander is believed to now be stable and that signals are being received.


Scientists from the region celebrate Rosetta touchdown

East Anglia to space...the culmination of an historic 10 year mission to land on a comet hurtling through space, 300 million miles from Earth.

Scientists from Milton Keynes, Essex and Hertfordshire all contributed to the European Space Agency's project, which today saw spacecraft Rosetta successfully launch a probe to the comet's surface.

Olivia Paterson has been in Stevenage with some of the people who helped to turn science fiction into fact.

Click below to watch a report by Olivia Paterson:

ITV News Anglia story wins national diversity award

A story about a man from Northamptonshire who had an operation to fit a cochlear implant won the Best News Coverage category at the Creative Diversity Awards 2014 in London last night.

Jon Reeve having his ears examined Credit: ITV News Anglia

The special report, which was divided into two packages, was written, produced and presented by Claire McGlasson, filmed by Chris Warner and edited by Matt Stone.

The event at London Studios was hosted by actor and presenter Warwick Davis who lives in Yaxley near Peterborough. Awards for the various categories were handed out by celebrities including Alesha Dixon, Jonathan Ross and Adam Hills.

Warwick Davis Credit: PA Images

My career has had a really positive shift recently and I’m now regularly offered jobs that have no reliance on my size.

I hope this is in part down to a desire from broadcasters to be more inclusive and representative.

It’s important that the talent we see on TV reflects the diversity we have in society, and in turn will help to promote acceptance.

– Warwick Davis

I'm delighted ITV Anglia has won the award.

Working on news we're often up against a very tight deadline so it was fantastic to follow Jon's journey over several months.

I'm really grateful he shared something so momentous with us and our viewers.

– Claire McGlasson, Correspondent at ITV News Anglia

Click here to watch the awards winning reports.


Groundbreaking game gets fan-backed reboot

The original game Credit: ITV News Anglia

A campaign to reboot one of the most popular computer games of all time has been successful.

Elite was originally launched in the early 1980s and allowed players to fly a spaceship in a three dimensional universe. It was designed by two Cambridge University students created the groundbreaking game

Now more than 20,000 people have backed a project by the original designers to reboot the game.

New design Credit: Elite

The game has been completely redesigned and rebranded as Elite:Dangerous.

Government requests for Facebook data 'up 25%'

Facebook has said requests by governments for user information rose by about a quarter in the first half of 2014 over the second half of last year.


In the first six months of 2014, governments around the world made 34,946 requests for data.

During the same time, the amount of content restricted because of local laws increased about 19%.

"We're aggressively pursuing an appeal to a higher court to invalidate these sweeping warrants and to force the government to return the data it has seized," the company said in a companyblog post.

£3 million investment in drug screening technology

Three million pounds is being invested in revolutionary drug screening technology being developed in Norwich.

Scientists at Intelligent Fingerprinting Credit: ITV News Anglia

The funding has been secured by Intelligent Fingerprinting which hopes to have its new testing unit on the market next year.

It can detect drug use by analysing fingerprint sweat.

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