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New jobs for Peterborough engine-makers

Perkins Engines in Peterborough is to create about 175 jobs over the next three years after the company won a £13 million Government grant.

Perkins Engines export their goods worldwide Credit: ITV

Perkins has turned around its fortunes, after making hundreds of staff redundant in 2009 as profits struggled during the recession. The company exports off-road diesel engines to buyers worldwide and will use the money, secured through the Advanced Propulsion Centre, to develop low-carbon technologies for running diesel engines.

"This collaboration with DENSO INTERNATIONAL UK, Loughborough University, Imperial College London and CMCL Innovations, each of who we have worked closely with over the years, is focused on engine performance, fuel economy and exhaust emission improvements and will support the development of innovative technologies for off-highway diesel engine applications.”

– ark Stratton, Perkins Engines



Driverless cars to be trialled in Milton Keynes

Driverless cars will be tested in Milton Keynes. Credit: ITV News Anglia

If you're in Milton Keynes you may soon be seeing driverless cars on the roads.

The pods are to be tested in public areas.

The first official trials are being launched today and transport ministers have called the new technology a "real game changer".

Is this the future of train travel in the East?

A battery powered train being tested Credit: Network Rail

Network Rail will be unveiling what it says is the future of train travel in our region this week.

The company been trialling the use of an electric engine on routes in the Harwich area of Essex.

Rail bosses say a fleet of similar ones could be more efficient, quieter, better for the environment, and help reduce running costs by 20%.

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Rosetta beams back stunning photo of cliff on comet

This photo shows a jagged cliff about a kilometre (0.6 miles) tall on the surface of a distant comet.

It was taken by the European Space Agency's Rosetta spacecraft, which has been orbiting the comet since early August.

The low surface gravity means that a human could probably survive a leap from the top of this cliff. See the photo enlarged here.

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