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Computer game to help in fight against ash dieback

A Facebook game developed by scientists in Norwich could help in the fight against the tree disease ash dieback.

The deadly fungus was first discovered in the wild in Britain in the Anglia region last year. It's now threatening the UK's 80 million ash trees.

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Online game to help in fight against ash tree disease

A new online game could help in the battle against ash dieback Credit: ITV Anglia

Scientists in Norwich working to tackle a disease which is threatening to wipe out millions of ash trees are enlisting the help of online gamers.

A Facebook game has been designed in which players match colour sequences but also provide crucial data which could find trees resistant to the disease.

Scientists from the Norwich Research Park worked with a game company to design Fraxinus. Players match sequences of coloured leaves which also represent strings of genetic information from ash trees with chalara ash dieback.

Scientists hope the game data may provide information which leads to disease-resistant trees. Credit: ITV Anglia

The tree disease was first identified in Britain last year and is spreading fast.

Scientists say data from the game may be able to help provide information to breed naturally-resistant ash trees.


Broadband scheme ahead of schedule

Super-fast broadband is to be introduced to every home and business in Suffolk. Credit: ITV News Anglia

A scheme to bring super-fast broadband to every home and business across Suffolk is already three months ahead of schedule.

The county council and BT will celebrate the arrival of high speed internet to communities in Lowestoft today, 6 August.

It's the first of 16 across Suffolk which, by the end of September, will have access to speeds of at least two mega-bits-per-second.

By the end of 2015, every home and business in Suffolk will have access to the technology.

Speeding up broadband in rural areas

There has been a warning that thousands of internet users in the region won't get the broadband speed they've been promised.

The National Audit Office has picked out Suffolk and Norfolk as two of only four counties that won't reach Government targets of 90% of people getting super-fast internet connection by 2015.

That date has already slipped by nearly two years although Suffolk County Council says it is on target to deliver 85% superfast broadband.

The report comes on the day that Croxton near Thetford became the first village in the country to get a new fibre-optic service as part of the national broadband delivery scheme.

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Testing time for solar-powered racing car

The current sunny spell is especially good news for a team of racing drivers from Cambridge. That's because their car is powered by the sun.

The Cambridge University Eco Racing team have been testing their vehicle at the Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire.

The car has got to take them nearly 2,000 miles across the blistering heat of the Australian outback.

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Suffolk says 85% will have superfast broadband by 2015

Suffolk says it's on target for 85% with superfast broadband by 2015 Credit: Nigel French/EMPICS Sport

Suffolk County Council says it's on target to have superfast broadband in 85% of homes in the county in two years.

A report by the National Audit Office said Suffolk was one of four areas in the country that would fail to meet a government target of 90% having high-speed internet access.

Suffolk says more than 8,000 properties would have better broadband by Christmas 2013.

The rest of the programme would be delivered by 2015 with every household having access to at least 2 MegaBits per second download speed.

Mark Bee, Leader of Suffolk County Council, said: "We consulted with residents and businesses about the kind of broadband service they wanted. They told us that they would rather we rolled out superfast broadband to 85% of the population with the remaining 15% receiving an improved broadband speed."

Cambridge racing car unveiled for World Solar Challenge

The solar car was designed by a team from Cambridge University Credit: ITV News Anglia
'Resolution', is the only UK entry into the World Solar Challenge Credit: ITV News Anglia

An eco racing car designed by students at Cambridge University, to take part in a gruelling three-thousand kilometer race across Australia, has been unveiled today.

The car, called 'Resolution', is the only UK entry into the World Solar Challenge. Each year, it involves forty teams from universities and colleges around the world. Starting in Darwin, entrants must use nothing but solar generated power. The first to reach Adelaide wins.

How much is being spent on speeding the broadband in your area?

A government target of getting superfast broadband into 90% of homes by 2015 is running two years behind schedule.

The high-speed internet access would be 24 Megabits per second or higher.

There was a wide-range of government funding allocations in the Anglia region which were based of a finance model of broadband need:

  • £15.4 million for Norfolk
  • £14.3 million for Lincolnshire
  • £11.7 million for Suffolk
  • £6.8 million for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough
  • £6.5 million for Essex
  • £4.2 million for Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire
  • £4.1 million for Northamptonshire
  • £2.0 million for Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes
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