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Farm Manager backs technological advances

A multi-million pound project to improve the region's agriculture industry, is being launched.

It's called the Norwich-Cambridge Agri-Tech Cluster, and will help scientists and farmers work together to make our farms more productive.

Jamie Lockhart, Farm Manager at Honingham Thorpe Farms in Norfolk, believes that agri-technology is vital to keep up with the growing demand for food.


New agri-tech project launched

The new project aims to take the lab to the land Credit: ITV Anglia

A new multi million pound project to help scientists and farmers work on new agri-tech projects is being launched.

The Norwich-Cambridge Agri-Tech Cluster aims to harness the scientific research that already exists in the region with the food and farming sector.

Backers of the scheme say it will take the lab to the land and translate agricultural research into improved productivity on the region's farms.