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New defence contract for Suffolk helicopters

A Wattisham based Apache attack helicopter Credit: ITV Anglia

Army commanders say a new contract to service attack helicopters based at Wattisham in Suffolk will save the tax payer millions of pounds.

The Apache fleet has seen extensive service in Afghanistan Credit: ITV Anglia

The Ministry of Defence has signed a six year deal which its says will simplify the supply chain and improve technical support for the Apache fleet.

Norfolk hosts military exercise

Apache attack helicopters prepare for live firing exercise Credit: Ministry of Defence

Army attack helicopters have been taking part in a live firing exercise in Norfolk.

Pilots and ground crew from Wattisham Flying Station in Suffolk are about to leave for a four month tour of duty in Afghanistan.

They have been firing the Apache's 30mm cannon, rearming and refuelling at the Stanford Training area near Thetford.