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Bedford "one of the safest places to study in the country"

Bedford was named as the fifth safest place to study. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Bedford is one of the safest places to study in the country according to new research.

The website '' looked at how many crimes were recorded in student areas last year.

Bedford was named as the fifth safest town, with Egham in Surrey coming out on top. Norwich was also in the top ten.

Brighton was deemed to be the most dangerous.

The safest student towns:

  • 1.) Egham
  • 2.) High Wycombe
  • 3.) Bath
  • 4.) Falmouth
  • 5.) Bedford
  • 6.) Loughborough
  • 7.) Medway
  • 8.) Norwich
  • 9.) Durham
  • 10.) Hull

End of the road for Bedfordshire motor museum

Stondon Motor Museum, Bedfordshire. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

It may have been the first big weekend of the tourist season but, for one of the country's largest transport museums, it was also the last.

Stondon Motor Museum in Bedfordshire was set up by local businessman John Saunders in 1994 but, since his death two years ago, it has struggled to attract visitors.

Yesterday, it closed its doors for the final time.

Russell Hookey reports.


Bedford: World's largest aircraft launches fundraising campaign to get it off the ground

The Airlander 10. Credit: ITV News Anglia

This is the largest aircraft in the world - the Airlander 10. It sits in one of the Cardington Hangars just South of Bedford.

It is 92 metres long - about the same size as a football pitch.

It can fly for weeks at a time and land almost anywhere flat - including ice, water and desert.

The size of the Airlander 10.

Engineers are hoping to fly it for the first time in the UK early next year, but to get it off the ground they are offering members of the public the chance to help fund it.

The group is hoping to raise £2million to make the Airlander project a reality.

Investigation after flying 'drone' used to smuggle contraband into jail

A police investigation has begun after a drone was used to try to smuggle contraband over the walls of Bedford prison.

The remote controlled device was used to fly a package - reportedly containing drugs, phones and a knife into the high security jail.

But prison staff seized the drone and package after it got caught in razor wire on the perimeter wall.

Click below to watch a report by ITV News Anglia's Olivia Paterson.

Witness saw men using a drone near prison earlier this year

Shopkeeper Firat Erdogan saw 2 men using a drone near prison earlier this year Credit: ITV News Anglia

Police are investigating after a drone was used to try to fly a package, reportedly holding contraband, over the walls of Bedford Prison.

Staff at HMP Bedford seized the drone and package at about 11.30pm on the 6th of March, after it got caught high up in razor wire on a perimeter fence.

Bedfordshire Police say they are working with the prison to find out who was responsible.

One local shopkeeper told ITV News Anglia that he saw two men using a drone near the prison walls earlier this year.

"They seemed to know what they were doing. What's strange is they weren't really flying it, they were just going really high and then bringing it down again so I think they were trying to get an idea of how to fly it maybe or trying to test it and see how high it goes up and down."

– Firat Erdogan, Shopkeeper
Bedford prison Credit: ITV News Anglia


Burglar who targeted elderly is jailed

Candice Cush has been jailed for burglary. Credit: Bedfordshire Police.

A burglar from Bedfordshire who preyed on elderly people has been jailed.

Candice Cush, 28, was sentenced to four years in prison at Luton Crown Court.

Cush, of Edinburgh Close, Bedford, knocked on the door of a man’s house in Spencer Road on February 18.

When the victim - who was in his 80s - answered, she pushed him to the ground and entered the house, stealing about £100.

It is the fourth time Cush has been convicted of targeting elderly people.

"We will not tolerate this kind of behaviour and work hard to protect the most vulnerable people in our county."

– Det Con Chris Avery, Bedfordshire Police.

Man jailed after raping women in KFC

A man who raped a woman in the toilets of a KFC in Bedford has been jailed for five years.

Maciej Andrzejczyk, 38, of no fixed address, was found guilty of rape following the incident which happened in Tavistock Street on 14 November 2014.

He was sentenced to five years and three months and his name will be put on the Sex Offenders Register indefinitely.

The woman had been out celebrating a friend’s birthday when she was raped by Andrzejczyk in the toilets of the restaurant.

Two days later he was arrested in Bedford town centre after a police officer recognised him from the CCTV footage.

Detective Inspector Jenny McIntyre, who leads Bedfordshire Police's Rape Investigation Unit, said: “Andrzejczyk committed a horrific and inexcusable crime against a young woman who had been enjoying an evening out with friends.

“Thanks to the hard work of our officers, this dangerous man has been put behind bars, and we hope this is seen as a warning to anyone else who thinks it’s acceptable to act in this way.

“The victim has understandably been left traumatised by this incident and we hope that now justice has been done she will be able to start to move on with her life.

“Bedfordshire Police works hard to protect people and fight crime together and we are completely committed to investigating such cases thoroughly and bringing the offenders to justice.”

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