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Breathalysers to be rolled out in Bedford

Breathalysers will be issued to pubs and clubs in Bedford this weekend, following a successful trial in Luton and Dunstable over Christmas.

Bedfordshire police: It is illegal to sell alcohol to someone who is already drunk Credit: PA images

Bedfordshire Police said it is illegal to sell alcohol to someone who is already drunk and the breathalysers will help licensees identify the level of alcohol people have consumed. If someone it thought to have already had too much they could be refused entry.

Similar schemes have been piloted by other forces around the country, with Norfolk Constabulary reporting a 66 per cent reduction in arrests for drunk and disorderly conduct as a result.

“Our own pilot scheme over Christmas was received positively by premises in Luton and Dunstable, and we are keen to minimise the effects of intoxication in Bedford too.

“Not only does the scheme have benefits for local pubs and nightclubs, but hopefully it will encourage partygoers to make the right choice and call it a night when they have already drunk too much.

“We are grateful to the Bedford Borough Public Health team who have funded the Bedford breathalysers, meaning we can introduce them at no extra cost to the force.”

– PC Rob Sparkes from Bedfordshire Police’s Licensing Team

Police launch Faithwatch scheme

Bedfordshire Police Community Cohesion team in Bedford Credit: Bedfordshire Police

Bedfordshire Police has launched a new Faith Watch scheme in a bid to work more closely with the religious communities it serves.

It says the Faith Watch scheme works in a similar way to Neighbourhood Watch, by reducing the opportunity for crime and improving community safety through the reporting of incidents to police and fellow members.

Members of the scheme will be provided with posters to display, both to promote the scheme and deter criminals from striking against the premises.

The initiative has been launched by the force’s Community Cohesion team, who liaise with all aspects of Bedfordshire’s diverse population and help monitor community tensions.

Nine-week-old puppy stolen in Essex burglary

Pickle was stolen from a property in West Horndon, Essex Credit: Essex Police

Police are searching for a nine-week-old puppy stolen during a burglary in Essex.

Pickle, a white Maltese Terrier was taken from a property in West Horndon, on Monday.

Pickle was stolen from the kitchen of the house, but the owner’s other dog, a three-year-old Maltese Terrier, was left behind.

A Range Rover also stolen in the incident has since been located in Luton, but Pickle is still missing.

"I’ve only had Pickle a week but have grown really attached to her. My other dog is missing her too – her tail has been down since she was taken.

I just can’t understand why someone would take Pickle and need to know she is being fed and looked after.

Please help share our appeal and if you know anything, please do the right thing and call the police.”

– Adele Rowley, Pickle's owner

Anyone with information is asked to call Brentwood police station.


St. Neots treated to a spectacular view of five planets at once

Conditions couldn't have been better for viewing this rare sight in the night sky just before dawn this morning (Thursday 28th January 2016).

With skies predicted to clear overnight, Roger Skillin took the opportunity capture five planets at once with his camera in the skies over St. Neots.

Five planets spotted together in the night sky above St Neots early this morning. Credit: Roger Skillin

Roger's breathtaking shot faces towards the south - south east of the night sky. Jupiter can be seen to the west of the moon. Mars, Saturn and Venus appear to descend towards the horizon to the east of the moon.

Roger has even managed to capture Mercury as it rises just above the horizon and a few thin high clouds associated with a weather front to the south.

If you missed this morning's display, all five planets will be visible in the early morning sky until 20th February. Hopefully, we will be lucky enough to enjoy another morning as clear as this one.

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