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'I felt a shudder' says eyewitness to cash machine ram-raid

Police in Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire are investigating after two cash machine ram-raids took place overnight in Biggleswade and Gamlingay.

A woman from Gamlingay who lives in a flat above the cash machine has described feeling a 'shudder' through the building as the ATM was ripped from the wall.

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Cash machine ram-raid in Biggleswade

Police examine scene of ram-raid in Biggleswade Credit: ITV News Anglia

There's been another cash machine ram-raid, this time in Bedfordshire.

Police are investigating the attempt in Biggleswade at around 4am this morning.

Police say a vehicle which they think had been stolen was used to damage an outer wall of a supermarket in Market Square. But the offenders made off without the cash machine.

There have been a number of ram-raids across the region, earlier this week one in Whittlesey near Peterborough was targeted along with another raid in Harlow the week before.

Bedfordshire Police is advising businesses in the county to remain vigilant against activity of this kind following the theft of a number of large agricultural and high-powered vehicles from within Bedfordshire and neighbouring force areas.

Businesses which have cash points on their premises are being asked to ensure employees are aware of the risk and that they know to report any suspicious activity involving individuals or vehicles to police.

Farmers and those with agricultural machinery are also being urged to secure their vehicles at night and when not in use

Gang rob schoolboy in Luton

A schoolboy has been robbed by a gang of teenagers in Luton.

The boy was walking along a footpath in the woods behind Lea Manor School at approximately 4.10pm on Thursday when he was approached by three men on a yellow moped who demanded he handed over everything he had.

The three men are described as being in their late teens, white, and around six-foot tall.

  • One was slim with short hair and wearing a yellow polo shirt with light blue jeans.
  • A second is described as average build with short light brown hair and wearing a grey polo shirt and dark blue jeans.
  • The third is described as slim with short dark brown hair and wearing a dark blue polo shirt and light blue jeans.

“We are appealing for anyone who witnessed the incident, or who may have seen three men matching the description in the area, to contact us immediately. This was a nasty, unprovoked attack on an innocent teenager and it’s important we identify those responsible to prevent them from carrying out further such crimes."

– Detective Constable Colin Knight

Police make second arrest in disappearance of woman 12 years ago

Natalia Doherty Credit: Bedfordshire Police

A second arrest has been made by police in Bedfordshire investigating the disappearance of a woman 12 years ago.

Officers detained a 66-year-old man from Luton on Wednesday whilst investigating the suspected murder of Natalia Doherty.

She went missing in April 2003, her last known whereabouts were in Luton.

The man is being held under suspicion of assisting an offender and preventing a lawful burial.


Giant leap in toad population

The natterjack is back. Credit: RSPB

A colony of Natterjack toads have colonised special ponds which have been created at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds headquarters at Sandy in Bedfordshire.

New breeding habitats were created at The Lodge nature reserve which staff there say has led to the toads producing 50 per cent for spawn compared to 2014.

“This year we have counted 78 natterjack strings- the name for the lines of spawn that we can see in the ponds. Last year there were a total of 49 strings, so the new ponds are really proving their value. Some of the young toads have even been seen in the daytime, as they emerge from the pools.”

– Lizzie Bruce, reserve warden at RSPB The Lodge

At the moment the toad is one of the rarest amphibians in the country.

Man receives 11-year sentence for his part in gang violence

Sejon King Credit: Beds Police

A man has received an 11-year jail sentence for his part in a stabbing in Luton last year, following a hearing at Luton Crown Court.

Sejon King, 19, of Williton Road, Luton was the eleventh and final man to be sentenced in connection with the violent disorder which broke out on 2 December.

A fight broke out in the town centre, which resulted in an 18-year-old man being stabbed.

Following the disorder and stabbing, a group of men broke into a house in Williton Road, Luton, armed with knives, in a bid for revenge.

“We’re delighted that the final offender involved in this incident has been brought to justice.”

“Here at Bedfordshire Police we are committed to tackling violent offences and gang-related disorder. I’d like to thank all of our officers involved in the case, from those in response and community who were first on the scene, to the detectives who investigated the incidents, for their hard work and help in fighting crime and protecting the public.”

– Detective Inspector Jackie Dadd

King was sentenced to 11 years for conspiring to cause GBH and GBH with intent. He will also serve two years concurrently for violent disorder and three years concurrently for possession of a knife.

Four of the men jailed previously have received criminal behaviour orders which forbid them from communicating with those involved for a number of years as well as banning them from carrying an offensive weapon. If they breach the orders, they will receive a further custodial sentence.

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