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"What happened in Paris won't put me off": determined fans from our region head to Wembley for England France friendly

Laura Smith, the chief executive of Suffolk Football Association, will be going to Wembley tonight Credit: ITV Anglia

Thousands of football fans will travel to Wembley Stadium this evening for the friendly between England and France in a show of solidarity with those killed in Paris this weekend.

Among those attending tonight's match will be Laura Smith, the chief executive of Suffolk Football Association.

She'll be there as a football fan rather than in an official capacity.

She was planning to go to the game anyway, but Friday's events in Paris have made her all the more determined.

"I just feel it's very important that football supporters stand together and show our support for those affected by the tragedy'

"This is a great opportunity for our two nations to be as one, making a statement that we won't be defeated by people intent on trying to destroy our way of life."

– Laura Smith, chief executive of Suffolk Football Association

England have qualified for next year's European Championship finals which are being held in France. Inevitably there are fears they may come be a target for terrorists.

Laura is keen to go to France to watch England.

"What happened in Paris won't put me off. I've always wanted to go to a major sporting event. This just makes me more determined."

– Laura Smith, chief executive of Suffolk Football Association

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Storm Barney could bring 70mph wind gusts to the Anglia region

The first autumn storm of the season to head for the Anglia region is forecast to hit late on Tuesday. Winds during Storm Barney are forecast to gust up to 70 mph with the power to bring down trees and cause disruption.

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for strong winds for the East of England for late Tuesday afternoon and into the evening.

The video shows a Met Office animated forecast sequence indicating rainfall and pressure. Where the pressure lines are closest together is where the strongest winds are expected to blow.

Storm Barney is the second storm to be named under the "name our storms" project by the Met Office and Met Eireann, which asked the public to suggest names.

Last week, Storm Abigail left more than 20,000 homes without power and schools closed in Shetland and the Western Isles as it swept across Scotland.

Chemical leak at Bedfordshire brewery has been dealt with says fire service

A chemical leak at a Bedfordshire brewery has been dealt with say the county's Fire & Rescue Service.

Fire Control received a call from Charles Wells at 9.15am this morning about a leak of Chlorine Dioxide at the brewery in Bedford.

Fire crews arrived within five minutes of the call and began operations to cordon off the area and tackle the incident.

“Fire Service hazardous materials specialists worked with Charles Wells staff to neutralise the materials in a safe and thorough way in line with established procedures. The leak was contained within a building on the site and Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus and hazard material suits used fire hoses to dilute the liquid involved to levels where they could be disposed of without any harm to the environment."

– Group Commander Chris Ball

All fire service personnel and appliances have now been withdrawn from the site.

“I’d like to assure local residents that there was no danger to the public during this incident but as a precautionary measure we set up a 150m cordon around the site of the incident while it was being dealt with."

– Group Commander Chris Ball

Luton reflects on Paris attacks by joining Europe-wide minute's silence

Luton falls silent to remember victims of terror attacks Credit: ITV News Anglia

Hundreds of people gathered outside Luton town hall at 11am to remember those who died in Paris on Friday night.

At 1.30pm this afternoon local people from different faiths will come together at the same spot to condemn the violence, and to show that the attacks will bring people in this multi-cultural town together not force them apart.

People from the local muslim community have been expressing their shock and sadness at the attacks.

"The level of barbarism and violence shown by the perpetrators is truly horrendous. We recognise the immeasurable pain and suffering that the families and friends of the victims will be feeling, and our thoughts and prayers are with them. This was an indiscriminate attack on the whole of humanity and has touched the lives of us all; regardless of nationality, faith or background. Such attacks are designed to polarise communities and turn neighbour against neighbour. We are committed to ensuring that they do not achieve their objective. "

– - The Sunni Council of Mosques and the Luton Council of Mosques

Warning of windy weather in the Anglia region with gusts up to 70mph

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for windy weather across most of the Anglia region on Tuesday afternoon and evening as Storm Barney sweeps in from the Atlantic.

Winds could gust at up to 60-70 mph with the risk of trees being blown down and travel disruption.

"Storm Barney is expected to be a fast moving storm system bringing a few hours of severe gales to southern parts of Britain later tomorrow afternoon and evening. It brings the potential for travel disruption and could bring down trees.

"There remains a good deal of uncertainty in this evolution and particularly the location of the strongest winds in association with wind Storm Barney, so this warning will be kept under review and updated as necessary."

– Andy Page, Chief Meteorologist

The yellow weather warning is valid from 3pm until 11.30pm on Tuesday 17 November 2015

The area covered by the yellow weather warning on Tuesday 17 November 2015. Credit: Met Office

The Met Office says: "West to southwesterly gales and locally severe gales are likely to sweep eastwards across parts of Wales, southern, central and eastern England later on Tuesday. Gusts could reach 60-70 mph inland."

"Be aware of the risk of disruption to travel and that gusts of this strength could bring down trees and lead to some damage to weakened structures."

"A deepening area of low pressure is likely to track east across southern Ireland and then central parts of the UK during Tuesday afternoon and evening, with a swathe of very strong winds potentially developing on the southern flank of the low."

"At this stage, the worst of the winds are expected to reach West Wales mid to late afternoon, sweeping rapidly eastwards during the evening. There remains a good deal of uncertainty in this evolution and particularly the location of the strongest winds, so this Warning will be kept under review and updated as necessary."

– Met Office Chief Forecaster's assessment


'Self Care Week' starts to encourage people to take control of their health

'Self Care Week' starts today Credit: ITV News Anglia

GPs from across the East are calling on people to look after themselves as part of Self Care week, which starts today.

The week aims to raise awareness of the ways people can take control of their own health, and educates the public about where to go for help and advice.

GPs at NHS Ipswich & East Suffolk and NHS West Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Groups are supporting Self Care Week 2015 which runs 16-22 November.

"Self care is about taking control of your own health and doing what you can to stay healthy. At this time of year it's extremely important that people in "at-risk" groups get their annual flu vaccination from their GP. Flu is often thought of as nothing more than a bad cold, however, if you are an older person, have a long-term health condition or are pregnant, the consequences of flu can be very serious, often resulting in an unwelcome hospital stay."

– Dr mark Shenton, GP, Chairman of NHS Ipswich & East Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group

Christmas crackdown on drunk drivers begins

Police drink drive campaign Credit: Bedfordshire Police

Police across the eastern region are warning people to stay away from alcohol if they're driving. It's part of their push to crack down on drink driving ahead of the busy Christmas season.

The "where will you end up tonight?" campaign warns drivers they face a ban and a hefty fine if they're caught under the influence.

From now until the new year police officers will be out in force to target drink drivers.

"Over the past 50 years the number of road casualties caused by drink driving has fallen dramatically, however we are still seeing far too many. By drinking and driving you risk your life, those of your passengers and others on the road."

– Inspector Phil Bloor

Two die in crash on A140

The A140 was closed for several hours after a fatal crash Credit: PA

Two people have died after a crash between and lorry a car on the A140.

It happened just before 9pm last night near Yaxley.

The road was closed for several hours but reopened just after 7.30am.

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