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Drivers and cyclists urged to look out for each other on the roads

'Let's look out for each other' campaign urges road safety partnership Credit: ITV News Anglia

Drivers and cyclists are being asked to look out for each other on the roads as part of a new 'Think cyclist campaign'.

At least one person is hurt while cycling every day in the East.

Officers from the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire are behind the campaign.

Last year two people died on the road in Cambridgeshire, one in Peterborough and one in Bedfordshire.

The purpose of this campaign is to educate and remind drivers and cyclists that they have equal responsibility on the road to drive and ride safely.

– RPU Inspector Philip Bloor

Weather warning for risk of thundery and torrential downpours in East Anglia

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for the risk of torrential thundery downpours across the Anglia region on Tuesday 12 July 2016.

Area covered by a yellow weather warning for the risk of torrential thundery downpours on Tuesday. Credit: Met Office

The weather warning is in force from 12pm until 10pm on Tuesday 12 July 2016

The Met Office says heavy showers and thunderstorms will develop across southeastern parts of England this afternoon, lasting into the evening. There is the potential for localised flooding and disruption to travel.

The weather forecasting unit says whilst some places will miss the heaviest showers, where torrential downpours occur large amounts of rain could fall in a relatively short space of time.

"Heavy showers are expected to break out this afternoon and persist into the evening.

"Due to light winds, some of these showers are likely to be slow-moving leading to some localised prolonged, torrential thundery downpours which could give 20-25 mm of rain in a relatively short space of time and close to 40 mm in two or three hours.

"The heaviest showers are most likely during the mid to late afternoon and early evening, so are likely to coincide with the rush hour. As is often the case in sort of situation, some places will miss the showers whilst nearby locations experience heavy downpours and the exact location of where the heaviest showers occur is very uncertain."

– Met Office Chief Forecaster's Assessment


800 tonnes of sanitary items flushed down the loo every week

Nearly 41% of women said they flushed sanitary items down the loo Credit: PA

About 800 tonnes of wipes and other sanitary items are removed from sewers every week in the Eastern region, according to Anglian Water.

The company is asking us to think twice about what we flush down our loos, to avoid causing blocked drains and flooding.

40 tonnes of bathroom waste is being wrongly flushed in Northampton, Norwich and Peterborough every week- that's roughly the same weight as 10 adult elephants.

The UK’s sewers and pumping stations weren’t built to cope with wet wipes, tampons or other sanitary items. When flushed they don’t disintegrate like toilet paper and they cause blockages.

That can mean nasty smells, or worse still a higher risk of flooding and pollution of your home and the environment.

The reality is most women don’t know they shouldn’t flush tampons, and the same is true of wipes - and it’s no wonder. The packaging on these products is confusing and that’s why we are calling on manufacturers to make this clearer.

– Emma Staples, Anglian Water

Police move to reassure public after spate of shootings in Bedford

The Deputy Chief Constable of Bedfordshire Police has moved to reassure the public following multiple shootings in Bedford overnight.

One woman was injured after shots were fired at four different locations in the town.

""These incidents are very rare and I'd like to reassure the public that we're doing all that we can," Det Ch Insp Mark Collins told ITV News Anglia.

"We've got one person in custody at the moment and I anticipate over the next couple of days, further persons being arrested and brought into custody."

One woman hurt after multiple shootings in Bedford

Four places in Bedford were targeted. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Police say they've launched a 'large scale investigation' after shots were fired at several houses in Bedford overnight.

Four places were targeted in total and a woman had to be taken to hospital after she was shot in the arm during one incident in Faraday Square.

One woman has been arrested.

Police believe the incidents are linked and have put more officers on the streets to try and reassure the public.

Locations of shootings

  • Faraday Square (10pm)
  • Lovell Road (1am)
  • Foxglove Way (1.20am)
  • Romsey Way (5am)

I’d like to reassure the public that we have launched a thorough investigation into these incidents and are following a number of lines of inquiry to help find the people responsible.

We have a number of dedicated officers working to establish the circumstances surrounding each incident and we have increased patrols in Bedford. This will be a visible policing presence to reassure residents and help prevent any other incidents of this nature.

We are treating the incidents as linked and we believe they may have been targeted attacks.

I would urge anyone who witnessed any disturbances or suspicious activity in and around these addresses overnight to contact us, as well as anyone who might have further information about the individual incidents.

– Superintendent Mark Upex, Bedfordshire Police


Research finds 57% of parents in the east stretch finances to pay for annual holiday

The Norfolk coast Credit: ITV News Anglia

Nearly a third of parents say their kids decide where the family holiday will be each year, with half in the East of England saying they're pressured into visiting certain destinations.

The research by travel search engine Kayak found nearly 60 per cent stretch their finances to pay for their annual break.

Regularly stretch their finances

Parents also take grandparents on family holidays to contribute to the overall costs and to babysit.

Man jailed for attempted murder of Luton shopkeeper

Tomasz Jaworski Credit: Bedfordshire police

A man's been jailed for 12 years for trying to kill a Luton shopkeeper, in the same place her husband was murdered seven years ago.

Jaworski inflicted the brutal attack last December. Credit: Bedfordshire police

Nirupa Patel, 56, was slashed in the face with a shard of glass during a sustained attack by Tomasz Jaworski on Christmas Eve in Moon's Newsagents in Park Street, Luton.

Mrs Patel's husband Jashbai, was stabbed to death at Moon's newsagents, in Luton in 2009.

Jaworski, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to the attempted murder of Mrs Patel and two counts of causing actual bodily harm.

This was an abhorrent attack by an extremely dangerous individual and I’m pleased that he will be locked away for a long time.

The woman endured a sustained, violent attack, which will leave more than just physical scars, but I hope that today’s sentence can allow her some comfort.

During the attack, Jaworski slashed the woman with a shard of glass, beat her over the head as well as grabbing her around the neck, attempting to strangle her, and kicking and punching her.

– Detective Chief Inspector Vicki Evans
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