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VIDEO: Tunisian terror victim recovering in hospital

Video showing Tunisian terror victim Allison Heathcote recovering in hospital has been released. Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth Hospital released the pictures as Allison, who lost her husband in the shootings, was flown to Ipswich Hospital to continue her recovery. Allison says she's making good progress and wants to thank everyone who's sent best wishes.


Police search for assault suspect

Harpreet Singh: Wanted in connection with an assault Credit: West Midlands Police

Police are appealing for help to find a transient worker with connections to the ITV Anglia region who is wanted in connection with a violent assault in Birmingham.

Harpreet Singh is suspected of attacking a 29-year-old man with a cricket bat a year ago today.

The victim suffered a fractured cheekbone and three broken ribs.

Singh, who is an illegal immigrant and who has no fixed address, is believed to travel around looking cash-in-hand for work.

As well as Birmingham, he has links to Bedford and Luton.

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'This project is vital for the economy' says HS2 chief

A High Court judge has ruled in favour of campaigners challenging the Government's handling of HS2, the high speed rail route through the Midlands.

Although he rejected all but one of five legal challenges, Mr. Justice Ouseley said the Government's consultation process was unlawful.

HS2 Ltd argue the high-speed rail will boost the economy:

"This project is vital for the economy and for our country going forward. We need the capacity , we need to improve the connectivity between our major cities. The judgement today gives us the green light to press on with the project and deliver that for our major cities."

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Government to re-consult on HS2 compensation

HS2 promotional image Credit: HS2 Ltd

The government will have to reconsult on compensation for people who live along the route of the proposed HS2 after a High Court judge ruled in favour of an anti-HS2 protest group.

The HS2AA group financed the case after appealing to the community for help.

Mr. Justice Ouseley upheld the challenge to the government's proposed compensation scheme on the grounds its consultation process was so unfair as to be unlawful .

Four other challenges to the Secretary of State were rejected. Joe Rukin from HS2AA said he was happy that one of the group's claims was upheld, but that HS2 would still be a disaster for many in the Midlands.

HS2 Ltd told ITV News Central, they are delighted with the overall outcome and HS2 is now on track bringing a boost to the region's economy with a super fast link from Birmingham to London. It will cost £33bn.

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Rail Minister Simon Burns says this is a major landmark victory for HS2

Rail Minister Simon Burns says this is a major landmark victory for HS2 Credit: Lewis Whyld/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The Government hailed the court's dismissal of four of the five cases against it as a "landmark victory".

Rail Minister Simon Burns said: "We have listened to the judge's comments about the property compensation consultation and, to save time and public money, we will re-consult on this aspect - but this will not delay HS2.

We remain fully committed to fairly compensating the public who are impacted by the scheme."


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Government say court's decision will not affect HS2 construction timetable

Government say court's decision will not affect HS2 construction timetable Credit: ITV News Central

The Government hailed the court's decision on the cases it won as a "landmark victory" and said the loss on the compensation case would "not affect the HS2 construction timetable in any way".

Rail Minister Simon Burns said: "This is a major landmark victory for HS2 and the future of Britain. The judge has categorically given the green light for the Government to press ahead without delay in building a high-speed railway from London to Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds."

Abducted Essex woman found in Birmingham

A young woman has been found safe and well in Birmingham after being abducted from a home in South Essex. Police were called to a house in Grays before midnight on Monday 5th November after reports of a burglary.

It was later established that a group of men had forced their way into the property, assaulting a man and abducting a woman.

A number of people from the West Midlands area have been arrested and are currently in custody.