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Survey finds Northampton in broadband slow lane

Broadband lottery

Britain faces a broadband "postcode lottery" with dramatic variations in speed within cities and towns, despite the increasing availability of 4G, a new study suggests.

In the worst case - Birmingham - there is a difference of up to 89% between the fastest and slowest broadband, the report found. Northampton was the fourth worst with a 78% difference between fast and slow according to


Speeding onto the broadband superhighway

A deal has been struck by Norfolk County Council which could mean superfast internet speeds for hundreds of thousands of people within the next three years.

The council is joining forces with BT to improve Broadband access through a scheme backed by the Government and the rest of the region won't be far behind.

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Norfolk in race for superfast broadband for all

The race to get broadband into more homes is kicking off in Norfolk with the announcement that most will have it by 2015.

Norfolk County Council and BT are adding their weight to a £530 million government initiative. The plan is to make sure that 4 out of 5 homes in the county have superfast broadband within three years.


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