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Broads Authority nominated for green award

The River Bure in Norfolk Credit: ITV Anglia

The organisation responsible for the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads has been shortlisted for a green tourism award.

The Broads are rich environment for wildlife Credit: ITV Anglia

Senior managers say they're working hard to balance the needs of millions of visitors while protecting one of the UK's most fragile and wildlife rich environments.


Broads Authority cuts tolls for small boats

Dinghy sailing on the Broads Credit: Broads Authority

More than half of boats on the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads will see their tolls reduced or remain the same next season.

The Broads Authority has agreed an overall rise of 3% in income from tolls from April which will see small boats paying less than this year and larger boats paying more.

A total of 5,700 private rowing, sailing and motor boats out of a total of 10,900 will see a reduction or no increase at all.