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Commuters urged to make small talk to help prevent railway suicides

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Rail passengers are being urged to strike up conversation beside railway tracks in an attempt to reduce suicides.

The campaign Small Talk Saves Lives is being supported by a Greater Anglia worker who's quick actions prevented a distressed man from taking his own life at a level crossing last year.

The hope from Samaritans who are part of the campaign is that it will start a wider conversation on how suicide is preventable.

Students take a stand against bullying

Three hundred students from across the UK have teamed up to tackle bullying.

Among them were pupils from Aylsham High School in Norfolk, who took part in a day of workshops and discussions as part of Anti-Bullying Week.

The event was organised by the charity the 'Diana Award' with the theme 'all different, all equal.'

Children are being encouraged to celebrate differences and be who you want to be.


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