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Research finds 57% of parents in the east stretch finances to pay for annual holiday

The Norfolk coast Credit: ITV News Anglia

Nearly a third of parents say their kids decide where the family holiday will be each year, with half in the East of England saying they're pressured into visiting certain destinations.

The research by travel search engine Kayak found nearly 60 per cent stretch their finances to pay for their annual break.

Regularly stretch their finances

Parents also take grandparents on family holidays to contribute to the overall costs and to babysit.

Teacher strike affects region's schools

The action was criticised by the government. Credit: ITV Anglia.

Some schools in our region will be closed or just partially open today because of a one day teaching strike.

The National Union of teachers is in a dispute over contracts and funding. The decision was criticised by the government in parliament yesterday.

"I'm sure that colleagues will condemn the strike action by the National Union of Teachers tomorrow which is both unnecessary and counter productive. It will harm children's education, inconvenience parents and damage the profession's reputation in the eyes of the public."

– Nicky Morgan, Education Secretary


Three-quarters of parents holiday separately to juggle childcare

One in four parents surveyed admitted to having “played hooky” Credit: ITV News Anglia

Three quarters of working parents plan separate summer breaks to look after their children during school holidays, according to a new survey.

73% of parents surveyed for Nationwide Savings have to stagger their leave from work with their partner, to cover childcare over the holiday period, leaving less time for the whole family to enjoy time off together.

It also found that parents in East Anglia were most likely to make excuses about their children being ill to take them away in term time.

Parents who go away on holiday without their partner
Parents find it difficult booking off the time they need for holidays
Book holidays at least three months in advance

As our research shows, planning a family holiday can be a tricky process, with parents revealing not just the financial pressures but also the impact on family and working relationships.

– Andrew Baddeley-Chappell, Nationwide Building Society's

All in a day's work for road policing unit as officer helps mother duck cross the road

It's all in a day's work for an officer from the Beds, Cambs & Herts Road Policing Unit, making sure a duck and her ducklings cross the road safely.

But is he checking they're not speeding as well?

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