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Charity highlights the dangers of concussion in sport


Football, Rugby and Cricket have all seen some high profile players affected by concussion.

As a result professional sports have introduced special protocols to protect players, but, with an incident of concussion every 21 games in amateur rugby, there are calls for a similar approach at the grassroots level as well.

Now the brain injury charity Headway has launched a campaign to ensure the dangers of concussion get through, Rob Halden-Pratt reports.

Scientists track the decline of nightingales


Nightingales are one of the nation's favourite birds, but sadly their numbers are diminishing. They've fallen by 90% in the past 40 years.

Now a team of scientists here in the East are using brand new GPS technology to track the birds' movements to understand why they're declining and what can be done to save the species.

Tanya Mercer got up bright and early to join the team at Alton Water in Suffolk:


Red rug may be vital clue in hunt for missing Natalie

Natalie Hemming.

Police trying to find the body of a mother of three from Milton Keynes, who they believe has been murdered, today/Thursday said they were looking for a red rug.

The missing rug

The rug is missing from the front room of Natalie Hemming's home in Alderney Avenue, Newton Leys, Milton Keynes. It is described as being 12ft x 10ft, with a three-inch soft pile.

Thames Valley police want to hear from anyone who has seen the rug dumped, being transported or being discarded.

They have also expanded the search area to Aylesbury, Oxfordshire and the south Bedfordshire border.

Flowers outside Natalie's home

The 31-year-old mother of three, was last seen shortly after 4pm on Sunday, May 1 in Hemel Hempstead, where she went to visit her mother.

On Wednesday specialist search officers scoured an area around Salden Wood near Newton Longville, Bucks and a disused rail line, which are near the family home on the edge of Milton Keynes.

Her partner Paul Hemming, 42, has appeared in court charged with her murder.

Here is Det Supt Chris Ward making an appeal for help in finding the missing rug:

Here's a report by Sarah Cooper:

Conservative majority cut on Essex council as final results come in

The result of the local council election in Epping Forest in Essex. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The final result of the local elections in the Anglia region has seen a small cut in the Conservative majority on Epping Forest Council in Essex.

Although voters went to the polls on Thursday, the votes in Epping Forest were only counted on Saturday morning.

The Conservatives made a net loss of two seat cutting their overall majority to 14. There were gains for the Green Party and a local residents group.

Epping Forest has had a Tory majority since 2007 although before that it was a hung council for many years.


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