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Kidney cancer: 70% of people didn't feel unwell prior to diagnosis

70 per cent of people with kidney cancer didn't feel unwell before diagnosis according to research from a Cambridge charity.

Kidney Cancer UK is supporting an awareness week to highlight the need for early screenings.

Recent figures show cases are rising with 4,200 people losing their battle to the disease.

Did not feel unwell prior to diagnosis
  • 25% only felt unwell because of an unrelated illness
  • 19% were diagnosed via A & E
  • 46% of people are diagnosed with stage 3 or 4 too late
  • 43% diagnosed through unrelated medical scan

Survival from kidney cancer decreases greatly for the later stages. The charity is calling for a more cost effective national ultrasound programme to be made available at around 50.

Their teams are working on the viability of such a programme and what is the best age have the scan.


Figures reveal crimes against wild birds still high

A red-footed falcon. Credit: RSPB/Mark Sisson

The latest figures from the RSPB show there were more than 40 crimes involving wild birds committed in the East of England in 2015.

More than half relate to the shooting, trapping or poisoning of birds of prey.

The charity offered up a £1,000 reward following the shooting of a rare red-footed falcon in Cambridgeshire in September 2015.

The shooter has yet to be found.

The numbers in the report speak for themselves, and sadly they show that illegal raptor persecution is something that still happens here in the East of England and throughout the UK.

It is well past time that illegal killing of birds of prey was consigned to the history books. I hope the government will respond to this latest call for action to see this happen.

– Phil Pearson, RSPB Senior Conservation Officer in Eastern England

Campaign launched to help parents of miscarried children

For the thousands of women who experience miscarriages every year, coming to terms with grief can be made all the more difficult because of the lack of recognition of their baby's life.

At the moment pregnancies which don't reach 24 weeks aren't classified as stillbirths - even if they fall short by a few days.

It was a major storyline in ITV's Coronation Street.

A petition, started in Milton Keynes, calling for Birth Certificates to be issued to parents whose babies die at 20 weeks or later has attracted hundreds of thousands of signatures.

The charity, The Mariposa Trust, have also launched a campaign to introduce "National Loss Certificates" for babies lost prior to 24 weeks gestation. To find out more go to

Nurses from the East to lobby MPs over pay cap

Nurses from the East of England are heading to the House of Commons today to lobby MPs attending a debate to remove the 1% pay cap.

The debate was sparked by a petition which was signed by more than 100,000 people.

Organisers of the petition say the pay cap means nurses are now 14% worse off in real terms since 2010. They say the low pay is putting people off choosing nursing as a career.

Watch ITV News Anglia's special programme to mark Milton Keynes at 50

The order to create Milton Keynes as a New Town came into effect on 23 January 1967. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The iconic New Town of Milton Keynes celebrated the 50th anniversary of its creation on Monday 23 January 2017.

ITV News Anglia hosted a special programme from centre:mk in the heart of the community presented by Becky Jago and Jonathan Wills.

Several celebration cakes have been baked to mark 50 years of Milton Keynes. Credit: ITV News Anglia

From concrete cows to roundabouts, the programme traced the history of the planning prototype for a new city and reported on the celebrations there.

It featured birthday messages from long jumper Greg Rutherford, jazz legend Cleo Lane, Formula 1 racing driving Christian Horner and MK Dons chairman Pete Winkelman.


Fog and ice warning extended until tomorrow

Fog warning extended into Wednesday Credit: Met Office

Areas of freezing fog, some dense, are expected to form again during Tuesday evening and last into Wednesday morning across the Anglia region.

The Met Office is warning the fog will become more widespread through the night, with icy patches on untreated roads and paths an additional hazard. Travelling conditions will be difficult with journeys likely to take longer than usual and delays to air travel are possible.

Fog warning for the East of England

A Met Office weather warning for fog has been issued for Monday night into Tuesday. Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for fog in the East of England.

Areas of freezing fog, some dense, are expected to form again during Monday night and into Tuesday morning.

The Met Office says the fog will become widespread in places and driving conditions will be difficult with journeys likely to take longer than usual.

It is possible there will be delays to air travel.

The weather warning covers the whole of the Anglia region and is valid from 5pm on Monday 23 January until 11am on Tuesday 24 January 2017

Area covered by the yellow weather warning for fog on Monday night into Tuesday. Credit: Met Office

"The fog will form initially, and will probably be most widespread, across parts of the southwest of England, southeast Wales and the southwest Midlands.

"Fog will also form elsewhere but areas of cloud are leading to uncertainty in the timing and extent of the fog and will result in the fog waxing and waning through the night and during Tuesday morning.

"However it is likely that some dense fog patches will develop in other parts of the warning area by Tuesday morning.

"The fog is expected to slowly thin and lift during Tuesday although it may persist in some areas throughout the day."

– Met Office Chief Forecaster's assessment
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