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Police recover "material" in Corrie waste search

Corrie McKeague

Police searching incinerated waste at the Great Blakenham energy-from-waste facility say they've recovered material that requires further examination in order to establish whether it is in any way connected to the Corrie McKeague missing person enquiry.

Suffolk Police say at this stage it cannot be confirmed whether or not this material is in any way linked to Corrie and so it will be subject to specialist examination and forensic analysis in the coming weeks.

They say it will be necessary to take items recovered from the search away from the site in order to examine them more carefully. Corrie’s family have been kept updated about the search. The search of the incinerated waste is now complete.

Petition to re-start Corrie search tops 25,000

More than 25,000 people are calling on Suffolk Police to restart the landfill search. Credit: Family photo.

An online petition calling on Suffolk Police to re-start their search of a landfill site to find the body of Corrie McKeague now has more than 25,000 signatures.

Supporters of the family set up the webpage after the force announced on Friday it had found no sign of the missing RAF airmen and officers had ended their finger-tip search at Milton in Cambridgeshire.

In just three days it has already attracted more than 25,000 signatories.

Among the reasons given for signing were:

"They have to keep looking to give this poor family peace of mind."

– Naomi M.

"You cannot just simply stop, after saying you believe Corrie is there...the family need answers."

– Debbie H.

"Why start a search then not finish? They say he is in there so find him and give his family some sort of closure."

– Hayley C.


'My little Ellie brings so much joy even at the hardest of times'

Corrie McKeague's daughter Ellie-Louise. Credit: Facebook / April Oliver

Days after police called off the search of a landfill site, the mother of Corrie McKeague's child has shared a new photograph of the baby girl she says "brings so much joy and happiness even at the hardest of times".

The smiling face of little Ellie-Louise was posted by April Oliver on her Facebook page.

It comes just a few days after Suffolk Police announced they had halted the search of the landfill site at Milton, Cambridgeshire, where they believe the missing RAF airman's body is.

Last night (Monday), officers assured Mr McKeague's parents they would not allow the site to be filled in yet.

Corrie McKeague: Police to leave landfill site in current state

Corrie McKeague went missing in September 2016. Credit: Suffolk police

Police in Suffolk say they won't allow the landfill site to be filled in, where they've been searching for the body of Corrie McKeague.

Corrie disappeared following a night out with friends in Bury St Edmunds in September last year.

After spending months searching a landfill site in Milton in Cambridgeshire for him, police terminated the search last Friday, without finding any evidence.

But now, Suffolk police say the site will be left in its current state until an independent review is completed by an external force. The force say they will continue to pursue any positive lines of enquiry.

We will now take time to pause and reflect where we are with the investigation and will continue to carefully review it as we have done from the outset. With this in mind while we no longer have an operational presence at the site at Milton, the police have agreed with the company that run the site to leave cell 22 in its current state and will not be using it for the deposition of waste until the review is concluded.

As said on Friday, we will now commission an external police force to carry out an independent review of the investigation. The identity of the force that will conduct this is still to be established as we are eager to ensure that it is a force that satisfies the need for complete transparency and independence. We are confident this will be a forensic, detailed and impartial review that will leave no stone unturned. If this review establishes further lines of enquiry we will pursue them.

– Suffolk Police

Parents united in calls for Corrie landfill search to continue

The mother and father of Corrie McKeague have both called on police to continue their search of the Milton landfill site where they believe their son will be found.

Both parents are meeting separately with Suffolk officers this evening to try to convince them to reverse a decision to call off the search.

Nicola Urquhart and Martin McKeague have praised the pain-staking work carried out by police in Cambridgeshire.

But they fear it will all be in vain if they give up now.

Watch Tanya Mercer's report for more.


Corrie McKeague: RAF airman now missing for 10 months

Corrie McKeague went missing in September 2016. Credit: Suffolk Police

Today marks 10 months since airman Corrie McKeague disappeared in Bury St Edmunds.

The 23-year-old RAF gunner was last seen in September on a night out with friends.

On Friday, police abandoned their search for him at a landfill site in Milton in Cambridgeshire after spending months searching the site without finding any evidence of him at all.

His mother says she still hasn't given up hope he will be found.

Honestly, I'm going to do my absolute upmost to try and get the police to do just that little bit more.

We have money from the 'Find Corrie' fund. If it's down to money, I'll find a way of paying the police to continue.

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