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Corrie McKeague: why has it taken so long to discover the error in the weight of the bin lorry?

Corrie McKeague: Why has it taken so long to unravel the error in the weight of the load carried by the bin lorry?

And we still don't know why Corrie McKeague may have been in a bin in the first place. Did he fall asleep or was he put there? Tanya Mercer has been speaking to a former detective who believes another person may have been involved.


Corrie McKeague mother says wait to find son is torture

The mother of missing RAF serviceman Corrie McKeague says each day waiting to find her son is torture.

The 23-year-old was last seen in Bury-St-Edmunds in September 2016.

Later today police will search a landfill site in Milton in Cambridgeshire after it was revealed a bin lorry, which collected rubbish were he was last seen, was heavier than initially thought.

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