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Crisp packet from 1967 found on Norfolk beach

The Golden Wonder crisp packet dating back to 1967. Credit: Kerry Hemsworth

A 50-year-old crisp packet has been found on a Norfolk beach.

Kerry Hemsworth made the staggering find while walking along the coast at Caister.

The ready salted Golden Wonder crisp packet dated back to 1967, with the price of '5D' and details of a competition still clearly visible.

Kerry said she was astonished to see that the packet was older than her.

Kerry with her remarkable find. Credit: Kerry Hemsworth

"The prizes on offer all those years ago very generous - a Triumph Herald estate car, four berth caravan, speedboat.

"I couldn't quite believe the packet was genuine but I've been in touch with Golden Wonder and they say it is. Unfortunately they haven't offered me any crisps yet, but I'm keeping everything crossed."

– Kerry Hemsworth
Details of a competition were still clearly visible on the back of the packet. Credit: Kerry Hemsworth

Lifeboat coxswain talks about his dramatic sea rescue

A lifeboat coxswain rescued from the sea by his own crew, has been talking about his dramatic ordeal.

Paul Williams is in charge of the Caister boat in Norfolk. He and his son were fishing off Hemsby last night when they got into trouble. Their boat capsized in heavy seas and they were thrown into the water.

He admits they are lucky to be alive.

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