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Child actor in Roald Dahl film re-make graduates from Cambridge University

University of Cambridge graduate Freddie Highmore Credit: Press Association

The child actor Freddie Highmore who played "Charlie Bucket" in the re-make of Roald Dahl's classic, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, has graduated from the University of Cambridge with a double first in Spanish and Arabic.

The 22-year-old from north London, has been juggling his studies at Emmanuel College with his acting.

His publicist Vanessa Davies said."Freddie Highmore has successfully managed to balance his four year studies at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, with a starring role as Norman Bates opposite Vera Farmiga in two seasons of the Bates Motel for A&E."

Johnny Depp with a young Freddie Highmore Credit: Press Association

Freddie shot to fame when he appeared alongside Johnny Depp in 2005. Now he is all grown up and at 22, has now completed his four year degree.

Cambridge University admits drop in state school places

Fewer state school pupils won a place at Cambridge University in 2013. Credit: PA

Fewer state school pupils won a place at Cambridge University in 2013, new figures show.

Statistics published by the institution show a rise in the proportion of places handed to youngsters educated privately.

Overall, applications to the university rose to a record high, with 16,185 people applying - up 3.1% on the year before.

The figures cover students applying from September 2012 onwards to start a degree course at Cambridge in October last year, as well as those deferring their entry to this autumn.

The data shows that just over three in five places (61.4%) were awarded to students attending UK state schools and colleges - down from 63.3% in 2012.

And more than a third of places (38.6%) went to youngsters who went to a private school - up from 36.7% in 2012.

The university said its target, across its colleges, is to take between 61% and 63% of its students from state schools by 2015/16, and this target has been agreed with the Office For Fair Access (OFFA).


Dr Rowan Williams says society doesn't care for the poor

It's been just over a year since the former Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams, became Master of Magdalene College Cambridge.

During that time he's worked with the city's foodbank and has told ITV News Anglia that we are in danger of becoming a society which no longer cares for the poor.

Click above to watch his interview with ITV News Anglia's Elodie Harper.

Peanut allergy research has life-changing results

Researchers have hailed a scientific breakthrough that could help cure one of our deadliest allergies

Experts in Cambridge have discovered they may be able to cure children who suffer from a potentially-lethal peanut allergy by feeding them the very things which could kill them.

Medical trials at Addenbrooke's Hospital have focused on building up a patient's resistance to peanuts, and as Matthew Hudson reports, the results can be life-changing


Cambridge University releases unseen footage of wartime city

Rare footage has been released for the first time of life at a Cambridge University college during the early years of the second world war.

The film was shot by student Philip Malcolm Shaw and shows undergraduates punting, dancing and generally managing to enjoy themselves despite the anxieties of the time.

But as the students make the most of city life, the film - found in the St John's College archive - shows war planes over head

Stuart Leithes has this report.

Cambridge students "appalled" and "shocked" at police spy accusations

Students at Cambridge University say they're "appalled and shocked" to discover that police have been attempting to infiltrate and spy on their activities.

An undercover video has emerged of a student being asked by an officer to feed information on politically active campaigns and protest groups.

Cambridgeshire Police says its tactics are within the law, but civil liberty groups say it's an infringement of fundamental rights and covert operations on innocent groups should be banned.

Click below to watch a report from ITV News Anglia's Tanya Mercer

Director calls for change in how police surveillance is authorised

The Director of the civil liberties organisation 'Big Brother Watch' has called for a change in how police surveillance operations are authorised.

Nick Pickles wants the police to have to get a judge to authorise secret operations, instead of the current framework which allows forces to sign off their own decisions.

He was responding to the news that some Cambridge University students were allegedly subject of a secret undercover operation from Cambridgeshire Police designed to collect intelligence on student demonstrations and protest groups.

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