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Could studying the flight of owls hold the key to silencing wind turbines?

Barn owls are known for their silent flight which allows them to hunt for prey, but a Cambridge University engineer says that the bird's 'stealth mode' can also be applied to wind turbines.

Professor Nigel Peake has studied owl feathers to find a way of making turbine blades quieter, which could mean they can generate more power.

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Scientists finally able to recreate one of world's most bizarre fossils

A new study in Cambridge has uncovered more details of a bizarre fossil. Credit: Left: Jean-Bernard Caron Right: Danielle Dufault

Scientists at Cambridge University have finally completed a reconstruction of one of the most bizarre fossils ever found.

The Hallucigenia lived half a billion years ago and is related to modern insects and crustaceans.

For the first time, experts have been able to identify features of Hallucigenia's head, including its simple eyes and needle-like teeth.

The video above shows a recreation of how the creature would have walked.

Cambridge house prices increase five-fold in two decades

House prices in Cambridge have risen faster than any other part of the UK outside London. Credit: ITV News Anglia

House prices in Cambridge have risen five-fold in since 1995 according to new figures released by the Office of National Statistics.

The median sale price of a house in the city in 2014 was £350,000, up from £70,000 in 1995. That is a 400% increase and the biggest rise of any area of the country outside London.


Fresh hope for mums who lose their babies as scientists discover new reasons for miscarriage

For the first time, scientists in Cambridge have been able to map the step-by-step process by which human eggs are prepared for fertilisation.

It's hoped studying how things work in real time will lead to greater understanding of what causes chromosomal abnormalities in some eggs, a problem which can lead to issues like recurrent miscarriages.

The renowned Bourn Hall Clinic near Cambridge has been involved in the research.

Experts here believe one day it will be give IVF patients a far greater chance of carrying a baby to full term.

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Memorial service to be held for Cambridgeshire dentist

The house were Helen Nicoll was found dead Credit: ITV News Anglia

A memorial is being held today for a dentist died at her Cambridgeshire home earlier this month.

53-year old Dr Helen Nicoll was found hanged on the 5th June.

A church service has been orgaised todat by the Hurst Park Dental Practice, where both she and her husband were partners.

More than 100 people have been invited to the event, with 76 already accepting the invitation.

Helen Nicoll Credit: Cambridgeshire police
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