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Firefighters tackling 'well-developed' house fire in Cambridgeshire

The fire at Girton, Cambridgeshire. Credit: Cambridgeshire Fire Service.

More than 20 firefighters in Cambridgeshire are tackling a large house fire in Girton.

The blaze, at Thornton Road, has been described as "well-developed" and has spread into the attic.

Crews from Cambridge, St Neots, Huntingdon, Papworth and Burwell are at the scene.

Thornton Road, Girton. Credit: ITV News Anglia.


Scientific breakthrough could boost fertility treatment

The study will allow scientists to study the development of an embryo beyond the stage when it would normally

Scientists at Cambridge university have developed a controversial technique which allows them to keep an embryo growing in a laboratory for up to 13 days.

The legal limit in the UK is 14 days after fertilisation.

Two international teams of scientists, including British researchers, were able to maintain living embryos under lab conditions for up to day 13 of development.

They say it'll allow them to study the development of an embryo more closely.

"Implantation is a milestone in human development as it is from this stage onwards that the embryo really begins to take shape and the overall body plan are decided.

This new technique provides us with a unique opportunity to get a deeper understanding of our own development during these crucial stages."

– Professor Zernicka-Goetz, Cambridge University


Children kept out of school in protest over SATs for six-year-olds

Children in Cambridge engage in outdoor learning instead of going to school today. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Parents have been keeping their children out of school today in protest over controversial tests for six and seven-year-olds.

The "Let Our Kids Be Kids" campaign argue children shouldn't be tested at such a young age, and should instead focus on developing "essential" skills such as reading, writing and grammar.

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Children and parents in Norwich also joined in with the protest. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Many schoolchildren in Cambridge and Norwich among other places have missed class today as part of the protest against the SATs tests.

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