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Salt Marshes 'effectively reduce flooding and coastal erosion'

Wetlands flooded and drained by tides are effective in reducing flooding and coastal erosion, according to scientists at the University of Cambridge.

Researchers building an indoor salt marsh Credit: University of Cambridge

In the largest laboratory experiment of its kind, researchers found that over a distance of 40 metres, the salt marsh reduced the height of large waves in deep water by 18%, making them an effective tool for reducing the risk of coastal erosion and flooding.

60% of this reduction was due to the presence of marsh plants alone. The results have been published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

The team hope the study highlights the need for natural flood defences as well as manufactured defences such as flood walls.

Prolific burglar jailed for 190th raid

Jason Turner Credit: Cambridgeshire Police

One of Britain's most prolific burglars has been jailed for his 190th raid.

Career crook Jason Turner started thieving when he was 12 and had committed 188 offences by the time he was 19.

He was caught on CCTV carrying out his latest raid stealing silver antiques from a house in Cambridge.

Turner, 25, fled after triggering a burglar alarm and was arrested hiding nearby wearing a cap and gloves.

He admitted burglary and was jailed for two years and five months at Cambridge Crown Court.

The court heard his shocking list of convictions included stealing a child's piggy bank.

In many he sprayed foam into alarms and stole CCTV tapes in a bid to evade capture.

He was jailed for six months for one burglary while armed with a baseball bat and knife.

In 2009 he was sentenced to four years for another three raids - and asked for 142 more to be taken into consideration.

They included break-ins at shops, restaurants and Cambridge United Football Club.

In one he broke into a house with other crooks and stole a 4x4 worth £14,000 which was later found burnt out.

Cambridge Crown Court heard that his most recent raid on September 9th took his total to 190.


Prolific burglar jailed after being caught on CCTV

Jason Turner caught on CCTV Credit: Cambs Police

A prolific burglar has been jailed after being caught on CCTV breaking into a home in Cambridge. Jason Turner was captured on CCTV as he raided the house in Shaftesbury Road. He grabbed some silver antiques before fleeing after the alarms were triggered However, officers recognised him from the footage and he was arrested two days later. Turner pleaded guilty to burglary at Cambridge Crown Court and has been sentenced to two years and five months in prison.

Jason Turner - jailed for burglary Credit: Cambs Police
Jason Turner caught on CCTV Credit: Cambs Police

1914 boat race medal to go under the hammer

Just months after winning the 1914 boat race, four of the crew from Cambridge University lost their lives in the first world war. Today, one of the winner's medals from that race goes up for auction in Norfolk.

Medal to be auctioned Credit: Keys Fine Art Auctioneers

It is one of 70 rowing-related lots up for auction at Keys Fine Art Auctioneers in Aylsham today and tomorrow.

Cambridge won the race by 4½ boat lengths, the 31st victory for the light blues. It was to be the last race until 1920.

Mammoth's tooth on display in new exhibition of pairs

Mammoth tooth on display at museum Credit: Polar Museum

A woolly mammoth's tooth and the bones of a finback whale are being put on show in an exhibition at the Polar Museum in Cambridge.

The items are among many that have been provided on loan from a number of museums run by the University of Cambridge.

Objects from the University's museums have been paired with items from the collections at the Polar Museum which is part of the university-run, Scott Polar Research Institute.

Called "The Thing Is", the aim is to help visitors understand why they were collected, what their meaning is and how they are cared for.

Mammoths lived between 5 million and 4,500 years ago and the tooth has been paired with a piece of scrimshaw, an ivory carving made by whalers.

Skeleton of a Finback Whale Credit: Polar Museum

This display highlights some exceptional examples of connections between the eight University of Cambridge Museums.

– Heather Lane, The Polar Museum

Timetable announced for housing plan hearings

Land at Waterbeach where thousands of homes could be built Credit: ITV News Anglia

A Government Inspector has confirmed her timetable for dealing with issues raised about plans to build 33,000 new homes across South Cambridgeshire and Cambridge up to 2031.

Inspector, Miss Laura Graham, says the first hearing will begin on Tuesday 4th November.

During a period of three weeks she will assess the vision set out for the plans, housing need, employment, retail and infrastructure for both areas jointly.

A second round of joint hearings would begin in January 2015, they would consider green belt issues, transport and housing delivery.

The independent examination will look at the Local Plans of Cambridge City Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council.

For Cambridge, the Local Plan makes provision for 22,100 jobs and 14,000 new homes, focusing in and around the city.

For South Cambridgeshire, the Local Plan proposes 22,000 new jobs and 19,000 new homes at Waterbeach, Bourn and Cambourne.

14,000 out of the 19,000 need in the south have already been committed in places on the edge of Cambridge and the new town of Northstowe.

It is good to know how and when the Inspector plans to begin the assessment so people have the opportunity to get involved by coming to see her in action. We all have the same objective as we simply want to make sure that the final version of the plan will serve the area in the best way possible up to 2031.

– Cllr Robert Turner, South Cambridgeshire District Council's Cabinet Member for Planning
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