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Thieves steal 87-year-old woman's purse

Police are appealing for information after thieves stole a purse belonging to an 87-year-old woman in Cambridge.

The victim only realised it was missing when she received a phone call from her bank about irregular activity on her account.

"We believe the victim’s card was used in Asda in the Beehive Centre on February 13, between 1pm and 1.20pm, to purchase a Samsung TV worth £459 and household items amounting to £117.50.

"Three hundred pounds in cash was also withdrawn from NatWest in Fitzroy Street at about midday the same day."

– PCSO Gemma Newton.

Police particularly want to talk to three people seen in this CCTV footage who they believe could help their investigation.


Councillors call for Cambridge cyclists to registered and insured

Councillors in Cambridge have called for cyclists to be registered and insured. Credit: PA

Councillors in Cambridge have called for cyclists to be registered and insured.

Tory and UKIP county councillors say that cyclists should be forced to wear helmets to try and bring the number of people injured in the city down.

A council report on cycling safety in Cambridge showed that the number of serious accidents involving cyclists is up by 30 per cent since 2005.

Gym mix up assumes anyone with a 'Dr' title would be a man

Gym bosses have apologised to a female doctor who was locked out of the womens' changing room because everyone with the title Dr was automatically registered as male.

Paediatrician Dr Louise Selby said she encountered the 'blatant sexism' after joining the Pure Gym in Cambridge.

She was given an eight-digit access code to get into the female changing area - but found herself locked out when she first tried to use it.

She asked staff for help and was outraged when they told her their security system had assumed she was a male because she had the title Dr.

When she asked if the system could be changed she was told it couldn't and she would have to drop her title instead.

"Their archaic attitudes to women and blatant sexism really are second to none. They may have modern machines, but their attitudes are firmly stuck in the early 20th century. I was speechless and I'm not often speechless. If it is some sort of IT glitch then why don't they fix it?"

– Dr Louise Selby

Dr Selby said she had experienced sexism in the past with people assuming she is a nurse or secretary because of her sex and says there a need for change.

She tweeted her complaint to the gym's Twitter account. The gym replied: "Unfortunately there is a glitch in our system, but we are looking into it #PureHelp".

The gym said it was caused by a bug in the computer system it uses and apologised for any offence.

A spokesman said: "Firstly we would like to make clear that we understand, and totally agree with, Dr Selby's stance in this matter.

"Unfortunately we have found a bug in our membership management system which is causing the issue she describes.

"The system is a product that we license and is therefore not something that we built this way, but we are working to fix it.

"In the meantime, we have removed the option of 'Dr' as a title to choose from when new members sign up and are urging anyone who has signed up to PureGym as a doctor recently to contact our membership team to prevent any issues entering changing rooms.

"We apologise for the offence caused to any of our current members."

Woman who stole from employers to feed her gambling addiction is jailed

A former Cambridge University Bursar is behind bars for defrauding her employers out of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

41-year old Jacqueline Balaam used the money she stole to gamble - wagering around £6 million pounds through online gambling.

Click below to watch a report by ITV News Anglia's Matt Hudson.


Cambridge woman with 'gambling addiction' stole thousands from employers

Jacqueline Balaam Credit: Cambridgeshire police

A finance officer who stole almost £300,000 from University of Cambridge coffers to fund an addiction to online gambling has been jailed.

Jacqueline Balaam, 41, of Fallowfield, Cambridge, was arrested in January last year on suspicion of theft from her employer after bosses at Pembroke College became suspicious.

She pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud by abuse of position and one count of false accounting at Cambridge Crown Court.

The court heard that Balaam falsified invoices to obtain a total of £285,986.18 between June 2012 and January 2014, Cambridgeshire Police said. She also defrauded a social club, where she worked as treasurer, of £3,198.

Click below to watch a short clip from Detective Sergeant Dave York, from the Cambridgeshire Constabulary Economic Crime Unit.

Cambridge: Patients forced to wait more than 120 hours outside Addenbrooke's hospital, report says

East of England Ambulance. Credit: PA

Patients in ambulances were forced to wait for a total of more than 120 hours outside Addenbrooke's hospital in Cambridge, according to the latest figures from the East of England Ambulance service.

The service also failed to hit response times for the highest priority callouts in December 2014, because of what it calls unprecedented demand.

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