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Motorcyclist dies in Cambridgeshire crash

The crash happened yesterday afternoon Credit: ITV News Anglia

A motorcyclist has died in a crash in Cambridgeshire.

63-year-old Clive Kingsley from Royston was riding his motorbike in Fowlmere just before 5pm yesterday (February 15) when he was involved in a crash with a car.

The driver of the Smart car, a 19-year-old man from Little Abington in South Cambridgeshire, wasn't injured.

Uk's first sci-fi and fantasy centre opens in Cambridge

Una McCormack (right) is a leading science fiction writer. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The Anglia Ruskin Centre for Science Fiction and Fantasy has been officially launched in Cambridge.

It's the first university-based research group of its kind in the UK.

The Centre, which will connect the areas of writing and publishing with literary criticism, will hold a series of events and conferences designed to bring together academics, authors, editors, and members of the book publishing industry.

We're living in a very uncertain time, and I think science fiction and fantasy offer us tools to think about the world.

So that's what the centre is doing. It's bringing people with those shared interests together to work on these texts, discuss ideas and in my case, to write science fiction novels.

– Una McCormack, Science fiction writer


£40 million invested in cancer research projects

£40 million is to be invested in two ground-breaking cancer research projects in Cambridge.

The money from Cancer Research UK will allow scientists from the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute and the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute to gain a deeper understanding of what factors cause cancer, and to build a virtual reality 3D map of breast cancer.

It's hoped ultimately, it could help prevent more cancers and reduce the global burden of the disease.

The main aim of our Grand Challenge is to understand the causes of cancer. Every cancer retains an archaeological trace, a record in its DNA, of what caused it.

It's that record that we want to explore to find out what caused the cancer.

We're going to sequence the DNA of thousands of cancer samples that have been collected from many different countries around the world, and study them to see what archaeological trace they contain. By doing this, we hope to figure out what caused those cancers.

– Professor Sir Mike Stratton, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

Cambridge cancer charity calling for more awareness of 'silent killer' kidney cancer

ITV News Anglia's Liz Summers spoke to Maureen Craig from Ely who was diagnosed with kidney cancer.

A cancer charity in Cambridge is calling for greater awareness of a so-called 'silent killer'.

Research by Kidney Cancer UK has found 70 % of patients didn't feel unwell before their diagnosis.

The survey also reveals many people only find out they have kidney cancer because of a scan for an unrelated condition.

Of patients didn't feel unwell before diagnosis

"Part of the problem of diagnosing kidney cancer is it's a cuckoo in the nest so the patient might have night sweats, they might just be losing a little bit of weight, they might feel flu like or just have a persistent cough so there are many other conditions that actually a GP might be looking at well before it is recognised that it is kidney cancer."

– Nick Turkentine, Kidney Cancer UK

Huge collection of war-gaming figures up for auction in Cambridgeshire

The figures have been grouped into 27 different lots Credit: ITV News Anglia

A huge collection of up to 50,000 war-gaming figures are going up for auction in Cambridgeshire.

The figures, collected over forty years were discovered in a house after its owner died.

Experts expect the painted characters, some of which come from the Warcraft and Warhammer games to fetch up to ten thousand pounds.

Auctioneer Stephen Drake looking through the 27 lots Credit: ITV News Anglia

"When I walked into the house there were piles and piles of plastic containers, all full of these war-gaming figures, most of them painted to a quite high standard, some unpainted, buildings and everything. It was in every room, every room just piled high with these boxes, it was just marvellous, fantastic to find."

– Stephen Drake, Auctioneer, Willingham Auctions
One of the biggest collections of war-gaming figures go up for auction. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The auction at Willingham Auctions near Cambridge is expected to start around 2pm Saturday 4th February.


Police catch suspect hiding in a chest of drawers

The man went to great lengths to disguise himself. Credit: Cambridgeshire Police

Police have arrested a suspect after they found him hiding in a chest of drawers.

The 34-year-old chose the unusual hiding place after breaching his court bail.

He cut out out the bases of each drawer to be able to fit inside - and rested a drone on of the cabinet to try and help disguise his makeshift hiding place.

He was caught when officers searched his home in Cambridge.

The man was due to appear before Cambridge Magistrates yesterday (31 January).

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