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Peterborough: CCTV released after armed robbery

CCTV images following attempted robbery. Credit: Cambridgeshire Police

Police have released CCTV images of two men following an attempted armed robbery in Peterborough.

CCTV images following attempted robbery. Credit: Cambridgeshire Police

Two men walked into Mace in Huntly Grove on Wednesday evening with a knife. They demanded the shopkeeper hand over money, but he chased the pair out of the store.

CCTV images following attempted robbery. Credit: Cambridgeshire Police

Police are asking anyone with information to contact them.

The weather has cast a spell on the warmest Halloween on record

Midday temperatures across the Anglia region Credit: Met Office.

It's almost frightening just how warm it is outside this Halloween. Midday temperatures across East Anglia have widely reached 18 to 20°C and Santon Downham has seen the mercury climb to 21°C. This is higher than the previous UK Halloween record of 20°C held by Dartford since 1968.

However, it's Charlwood in Surrey that is the UK's warmest so far with a bloodcurdling midday temperature of 22.5°C. There were several days in August in which nowhere in the UK was as warm as this.

The warmth can't last forever, the weather will become significantly cooler during the next few days.

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Teacher resigns after putting tape over pupil's mouth

A teacher who put tape over a pupil's mouth to keep the child quiet has resigned.

The supply teacher at Fowlmere Primary in Cambridgeshire is said to have used the sticky tape on the nine-year-old "as a joke" during a lesson.

Fowlmere Primary in Cambridgeshire where the incident took place. Credit: Google Maps

"Although there was no ill intent or unkindness intended, it is clear this incident should not have happened and the member of staff has resigned from their post," a school spokesperson said.

"We have spoken to the child's parents and apologised as this fell below the standards we expect."

In March, a teacher was suspended from a school in Somerset after allegedly placing tape on the mouths of year six pupils because they were being too noisy.


Budget cuts mean lighting reduced in Cambridge despite recent sex attacks

Parker's Piece at sunset Credit: Mandy Lo

Street lights in Cambridge could be turned off at night to save money despite calls from students to improve lighting in the city.

Cambridgeshire county council is proposing to turn off street lamps for part of the night in residential areas to reduce energy consumption and balance the budget. This comes after a recent spate of sex attacks on Christ's Pieces, a green space with poor lighting.

A petition launched by a student paper calling for better lighting in the city's green spaces has attracted 1,500 signatures. It says that extra lighting is an "easy solution" and will make people feel "safe and secure" when they walk through the city at night.

"It’s clearly a problem. Everyone feels scared walking across these spaces, it’s high time they responded, but they always respond in the same way saying it’s a budget issue".

"What the petition has demonstrated is that there’s a huge amount of popular support for it."

– Francesca Ebel, student journalist

Cambridgeshire county council have sought to reassure local people that lights will be kept on overnight in the city centre.

"Lights will also be kept on in areas with a higher risk of crime and places of risk like remote alley ways where confirmed by the police.”

– Cambridgeshire County Council

Anger after leaflet comparing homosexuality to paedophilia posted to homes in Cambridge

Leaflet posted to homes in Cambridge Credit: Rob Kinnear

A leaflet calling HIV "God's punishment" for homosexuality has been distributed in Cambridge.

"Works of Darkness" leaflets were posted to homes in the Mill Road area of the city by a man dressed as a monk. Local press reported that the man happily posed for photographs when confronted by local people.

It says that homosexuality "is utterly opposed to the law of God and to nature, and should in no way be condoned or promoted". The leaflet goes on to compare homosexuality to paedophilia, claiming that "In the ideal of 'man-boy love', so desired by homosexuals, pederasty/paedophilia claims its historic place in homosexualism".

People living in the area were shocked by the leaflet, which also claims that trans* people are "possessed by demons". Rob Kinnear, 40, had the leaflet dropped through his door in Norfolk Street on Wednesday.

"At first I thought it was a bit ridiculous and then I was a bit sad and angry that someone would interfere like that with other people’s lives."

– Rob Kinnear, local resident

Police are currently looking into the contents of the leaflet after receiving complaints from local people.

"We were aware of complaints and a community cohesion officer has been calling victims to offer appropriate reassurance."

– Cambridgeshire Police
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