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Fears over shortage of new homes in Cambridgeshire

There are fears of a housing crisis in Cambridgeshire after government planning inspectors revealed that local councils have seriously underestimated the number of new homes needed in the county.

Forty three thousand are required over the next 15 years that's 10,000 more than are currently planned.

The inspectors go on to say more of them should be built on the edge of Cambridge to tackle a chronic shortage of affordable housing.

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Beckham's spotted punting in Cambridge

David Beckham punting with the family. Credit: Harriet McNully

If you were out in Cambridge over the weekend chances are you may have spotted the Beckham's.

Well Harriet McNully who just happened to be passing by did. She spotted the Beckham's, David a scholar of the world footballing stage, at the seat of academic learning with Victoria and their family.

David Beckham punting in Cambridge.

David looked right at home punting and when you are footballing royalty you can open a few different doors around the University City. Beckham's oldest son, Brooklyn posted a picture with physicist Stephen Hawking on Instagram.

Brooklyn and Stephen Hawking.


No action to be taken against F1 team following test driver death

Maria de Villota. Credit: PA Images

It has been revealed no action will be taken against a Formula 1 team following the death of a test driver after a crash in Cambridgeshire in 2012.

Maria de Villota's car hit a lorry while testing at Duxford Airfield. After an investigation the Health and Safety Executive have cleared the Marussia team who were running the car.

The driver lost her right eye in the accident. A year later she died from neurological injuries she had sustained.

Pioneering unit to prevent criminals slipping through the net

Patrolling the borders of Northamptonshire Credit: ITV News Anglia

A specialist unit has been set up to patrol both sides of Northamptonshire's borders in an attempt to cut rural crime and deter criminals from coming to the county.

The unit will involve officers from neighbouring forces like Cambridgeshire to tackle criminals who think they can slip through the net by jumping across the border.

Credit: ITV News Anglia

The specialist cross-border officers will also have access to automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras to allow them to spot known criminals as they drive into Northamptonshire.

"In the past criminality moves across borders policing often and partners often stopped at the border and this is about we're moving that border as an issue so we actually work as a multi-force partnership in terms of preventing and detecting crime as well."

– Supt Andy Cox, Northamptonshire Police

Pressure on places forces children to another school

Over a hundred children moved Credit: PA

Histon and Impington Parish Council have expressed concern over children at the local infant school being moved to a different site because of pressure on places.

They say many parents are unhappy that more than 100 children aged 7 and 8 at Histon and Impington Infant School will be taught in temporary classrooms half a mile away at the villages' junior school.

Cambridgeshire needs thousands of new homes

Government planning inspectors say 43,000 new homes are needed in Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire over 16 years.

They have called for local councils to reconsider their current strategy of creating new towns and villages to tackle the shortage of affordable homes.

Thousands of new homes are needed Credit: PA

Instead they suggest building more houses on the edge of the city because this may be more sustainable.

The local plan document plots delivery of 33,000 new homes and 43,000 jobs until 2031, as 'Greater Cambridge' faces an enormous period of growth.


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