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Illegal hare coursers torch 4x4 in Cambridgeshire field

Credit: South Cambs Police

Illegal hare courses have crashed their 4x4 and torched it in a field in Cambridgeshire.

South Cambs Police tweeted a picture of the remains of burnt out shell of the car sitting in a field in Thriplow.

Hare coursing, which involves the pursuit of the small animals with greyhounds or other dogs, has been illegal for years.

Police are reminding the public if they see hare coursers in action they should call 999.



Researchers given £1.5 million to help tackle aggressive brain tumours

It'll be overseen by Dr Colin Watts, a consultant neurosurgeon and clinical scientist. Credit: ITV Anglia.

Researchers in Cambridge have been given £1.5 million to find a way to treat aggressive brain tumours.

The team got the grant from The Brain Tumour Charity - they will now research drugs that more effectively target what's known as glioblastoma.

Cells from patients will be harvested and prepared in a University of Cambridge laboratory at Addenbrooke's Hospital.

These will be passed to the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam to identify the most effective cancer-busting drug-combinations.

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