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Meet the cheese makers who are not allowed to name their product after the village where it's made

Villagers in Stilton near Peterborough have met the Farming Minister today, in their latest attempt to try and get permission to call the cheese they make there... Stilton.

Cambridgeshire MP Shailesh Vara is backing their campaign saying it would boost jobs and tourism in the area.

"I want the Minister to be in no doubt whatsoever that we fit the criteria to be able to make cheese and call it Stilton.

Also, what I want is for his officials to work closely with Richard Landy, our local historian, and Liam McGivern, local businessman, to make sure that the next application that we put in will succeed."

– Shailesh Vara MP

The Stilton campaigners have since told ITV Anglia that Defra has agreed to work with them so that they can go through the process of submitting an application to Europe to make Stilton in Stilton.

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Cambridgeshire: Campaigners battle for right to make cheese that bears the name of their village

Stilton in Cambridgeshire.
Stilton in Cambridgeshire. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Campaigners from Stilton in Cambridgeshire are taking their fight to the Government today to be allowed to make the cheese that bears the name of their village.

Campaigners want to be able to make the cheese.
Campaigners want to be able to make the cheese. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

Under EU law, Stilton can only be made by a few dairies in the East Midlands, where it is believed to have originated.

The Cambridgeshire MP Shailesh Vara is backing calls for a review of the decision.

"We hope the Minister will look favourably upon our application.

If he looks favourably, then we can proceed with buying new equipment so we can make the cheese.

We can also submit our application to DEFRA, and then to the European Union."

– Liam McGivern, Cheesemaker


Fatal Peterborough flat fire was an accident, investigation finds

The flat fire was an accident, an investigation's found.
The flat fire was an accident, an investigation's found. Credit: ITV News Anglia

An investigation's found that a flat fire which killed a disabled woman in Peterborough last week was an accident.

Three crews were called to the property in North Bretton on Thursday.

The woman in her 50s was already dead by the time they'd arrived.

The fire service said the blaze was probably started by "discarded smoking materials."

Heatwave warning for East Anglia as temperatures set to soar

A man relaxes on the beach at Great Yarmouth.
A man relaxes on the beach at Great Yarmouth. Credit: PA

There's a warning by Public Health England this morning of heatwave conditions across the East of England for the next few days.

The high temperature alert's been issued as forecasters predict at least two days of very high temperatures.

People are being advised to stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day.

Writtle in Essex was the hottest place in the UK on Wednesday

Writtle near Chelmsford recorded the highest temperature in the UK on Wednesday 16 July with a maximum of 27.9°C (82.2°F).

It is forecast to get much hotter on Thursday and Friday and the Met Office has issued a heat-health alert.

Other highs in the Anglia region on Wednesday 16 July

  • 27.3°C in Cavendish, Suffolk
  • 26.7°C in Santon Downham, Suffolk
  • 26.5°C at Andrewsfield near Braintree, Essex
  • 26.2°C in Wattisham, Suffolk
  • 26.1°C in Weybourne, Norfolk
  • 25.7°C in Cromer, Norfolk

Region's police work together to target suspected paedophiles

The region's police have made dozens of arrests as part of a nationwide operation targeting suspected paedophiles.

Led by the National Crime Agency, 45 forces across the country, including Bedfordshire, Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, and Thames Valley, focused their efforts on people who were accessing indecent images of children online.

In total, Operation Notarise led to 660 arrests and helped to safeguard more than 400 children.

Among those arrested were doctors, teachers, scout leaders, care workers and former police officers with unsupervised access to young people.

Action by the region's forces included:

  • 14 arrests by Bedfordshire Police. One had been charge, 13 remain on bail.
  • 10 arrests of men aged between 18 and 66 by Suffolk Police. All are on bail.
  • Seven men, aged between 29 and 68, arrested in Norfolk.
  • A total of 347 computers and 36 mobile phones seized across Norfolk and Suffolk.
  • 24 men arrested and 20 children safeguarded in Essex. In total 31 search warrants were carried out.
  • Seven people arrested in Hertfordshire. All are on police bail.
  • 30 people arrested and more than 10 children safeguarded by Thames Valley Police.

NCA Deputy Director General Phil Gormley said: “This is the first time the UK has had the capability to coordinate a single targeted operation of this nature.

"Over the past six months we have seen unprecedented levels of cooperation to deliver this result.

“Our aim was to protect children who were victims of, or might be at risk of, sexual exploitation.

"A child is victimised not only when they are abused and an image is taken. They are re-victimised every time that image is viewed by someone.


What next for Cambridgeshire MP Andrew Lansley?

As the fall-out from Dave Cameron's reshuffle continues, Cambridgeshire MP Andrew Lansley has confirmed he is not only out of the cabinet but is also stepping down from parliament at the next election.

The former Health Secretary, who was first elected in 1997, said he told the Prime Minister of his decision earlier this year.

He now hopes to get an as-yet unknown "international role".

Matthew Hudson reports on what's next for the South Cambridgeshire MP.

Force issues first Domestic Violence Protection Order

Police in Cambridgeshire have issued their first Domestic Violence Protection Order (DVPO).

DVPOs are used to protect someone from violence or the threat of violence and were rolled out across the country in March this year.

The order was granted at Cambridge Magistrates' Court on a 42-year-old man from Cambridge.

It was applied for after an alleged violent incident on July 12 and will be in place for 28 days. It prevents him visiting the home of, or contacting, his former partner - a 50-year-old woman from Cambridge.

Det Insp Alan Page said: "This is the first time DVPO to be issued by the force since we launched them two weeks ago.

"It demonstrates our commitment to use every power available to us in order to protect victims of abuse and reduce the likelihood of further incidents.

"This order will give the victim time to consider the next steps she may wish to take without the threat of further violence."

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