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Lib Dem gain in Milton Keynes but council still hung

Milton Keynes continues its ten year run of no overall majority Credit: ITV News Anglia

The Conservatives are now the largest party on Milton Keynes Council but without an overall majority.

The Liberal Democrats made a single gain at the expense of Labour despite Jeremy Corbyn making an election visit to the new town at the start of the campaign.

Labour were running the council on a minority basis before this election but one seat remains vacant.


UKIP replace Labour as second party in Great Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth Council remains under no overall control Credit: ITV News Anglia

UKIP have made 4 gains in Great Yarmouth replacing Labour as the second-largest party.

The Conservative still have the most seats but still without an overall majority so will have to work with UKIP to remain in power in the coastal town.

Labour lost three seats leaving them will 11 councillors on a council on which they won an overall majority as recently as 2012.

Gains for Tories and Lib Dems on St Albans Council

Conservatives hold St Albans Credit: ITV News Anglia

The Conservatives have increased their majority on St Albans City and District Council. The party now has an overall majority of four, up from two before the election.

The Lib Dems also made a single gain with net losses for Labour and an Independent.

The Lib Dems were last party to have an overall majority in 2011 and the party had been in and out of power since 1994


Thurrock remains hung with UKIP and Tories neck and neck

UKIP gained 6 seats in Thurrock Credit: ITV News Anglia

Thurrock Council in south Essex remains hung with UKIP and the Conservatives tied as the largest party in 17 seats. Labour, which once ran the council, has 14 seats.

UKIP could so easily have been the largest party after coming within one vote of snatching Little Thurrock Blackshots from the Tories.

Labour hold Stevenage but with cut in majority

Labour hold Stevenage Council Credit: ITV News Anglia

Labour have comfortably held Stevenage Council in Hertfordshire but with a slightly reduced majority of 19.

Stevenage is one of the safest councils for Labour in the Anglia region with the party having an overall majority since the authority was created in 1973.

Labour lost one seat to the Conservatives.

Gains for Tories and Labour on Southend Council

Southend council under no overall control Credit: ITV News Anglia

The Conservatives have made two gains and Labour have made a single gain on Southend Council but it's still hung with no one party having enough seats to out-vote all the others.

The Conservatives are still the largest party but two short of an overall majority.

The Tories lost their overall majority in Southend in May 2014.

Labour holds Harlow council with steady majority

Labour hold Harlow Council Credit: ITV News Anglia

Labour have held Harlow council in Essex with an overall majority of five.

There was no net change of seats with each party having the same number of councillors after the election as before.

One-third of the seats on the council were contested with Labour winning seven and the Conservative winning four.

Labour re-gained Harlow in 2012 after a decade out of power in a New Town that used to be a stronghold but their majority was slashed by UKIP surge in 2014

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