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US Embassy issues alert over Trump visit

Trump to arrive in UK on Thursday Credit: PA Images

The US Embassy in London has warned protests during Donald Trump's visit this week could turn violent.

Gatherings and rallies are planned across the UK from Thursday, when Mr Trump is expected to touch down in Britain.

The embassy warned people to be aware of their surroundings, to "exercise caution if unexpectedly in the vicinity of large gatherings that may become violent"

Demos due to take place across the UK in cities including Bristol, Newcastle, Leeds, Cambridge and Cardiff on Thursday evening.

A large baby blimp caricature of Mr Trump is set to be flown at Parliament Square on Friday morning.

Blood shortages - a negative side effect of England's world Cup success

Cambridgeshire is short of O negative blood Credit: PA Images

The NHS has issued an urgent appeal for blood donations in Cambridge.

Supplies of O negative have fallen dramatically, with blood and transplant chiefs blaming the hot weather and England's stunning World Cup run for a drop in donations.

On England match days, donations have plummeted by around 20%.

The combined effect has cost the NHS around 2,000 blood donations in the last two weeks.

That has left an urgent need for people with the valuable O negative group to donate at Cambridge donor centre in the next few days. Stock levels are low and will fall below three days as the hot weather continues.

Anyone interested in donating blood can find out more here.


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