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Chance holiday encounter with GP identifies bride's cancer

Danielle McCulloch from Crowland near Peterborough was getting married in Cyprus when a GP spotted an unusual lump on her neck. Credit: ITV News Anglia

A mother of two from Cambridgeshire was diagnosed with cancer after a chance encounter with a family doctor in Cyprus.

Danielle McCulloch from Crowland near Peterborough was getting married on the island, where her grandmother lives, when they bumped into the GP who spotted an unusual lump on her neck.

When she looks back at her wedding photos Danielle says she can see where her neck had swollen because of a tumour.

She's backing a new campaign by Cancer Research UK called Right Now, which highlights the importance of getting symptoms checked by a doctor.

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Woman admits 'faking' cancer

A woman from Essex conned friends and strangers out of thousands of pounds of donations, goods and services by falsely telling them she had terminal cancer

Police were called when 21-year-old Danielle Watson from Rowhedge near Colchester couldn't prove her illness to fundraisers.

At Southend Crown Court the prosecution made the point that the case coincided with the death, from cancer, of actress Lynda Bellingham.

Drug research means new hope for victims of pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer has been called the silent cancer because it is difficult to detect and almost impossible to treat successfully.

Now scientists in Cambridge are testing a new drug combination and it's giving fresh hope to patients.

Breakthroughs in the treatment of more common forms means that 80 out of every 100 breast cancer patients now survive. But it's still only 3 in 100 when it comes to pancreatic cancer. In this region alone 412 people were diagnosed with the disease in a year, 385 died.

Campaigners have welcomed a new drug trial in Cambridge but say more must be done.

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Family's 'bucket list' charity to help terminally ill

The family of a young woman from Hertfordshire, who spent her final months completing a 'bucket list' of memorable things to do before she died, is now helping others to do the same.

Steph Knight lost her battle with a form of bone cancer earlier this year. Now her family are setting up a charity to help others create memories in their final days.

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