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Bedford: World's largest aircraft launches fundraising campaign to get it off the ground

The Airlander 10. Credit: ITV News Anglia

This is the largest aircraft in the world - the Airlander 10. It sits in one of the Cardington Hangars just South of Bedford.

It is 92 metres long - about the same size as a football pitch.

It can fly for weeks at a time and land almost anywhere flat - including ice, water and desert.

The size of the Airlander 10.

Engineers are hoping to fly it for the first time in the UK early next year, but to get it off the ground they are offering members of the public the chance to help fund it.

The group is hoping to raise £2million to make the Airlander project a reality.

World's largest aircraft unveiled in Bedfordshire

HAV304 Credit: Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd

The world's largest aircraft has been unveiled in Bedfordshire in all its 300ft (91m) long glory.

Known as the HAV304, the giant aircraft has been displayed at Cardington in the only hangar big enough to accommodate the 113ft (34m) wide and 85ft (26m) high monster.

Created by Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd the ultra-green HAV304 project has just received a £2.5 million grant from the UK Government.

The HAV304 is designed to stay airborne for up to three weeks and can be used for a variety of functions including surveillance, communications and delivering aid.

The plan is that the HAV304 will eventually lead to the development of the Airlander 50, which would be able to transport 50 tonnes of freight.

The company plans to produce around 10 a year for the next four or five years which is expected to lead to the creation of 1,800 jobs in the Bedfordshire area.


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