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Man who abandoned cats banned from keeping animals for five years

The RSPCA have banned a man from keeping animals for five years after he abandoned two cats

A man who abandoned his two cats when he moved house and claimed they had run away has been banned from keeping animals for five years.

Winston Amos, locked his pets Fluffy and Smudge outside his home in Great Ryburgh, in North Norfolk, then moved almost 40 miles away to a new property in Wisbech.

Prosecuting at King's Lynn Magistrates Court Jonathan Eales, said a neighbour in Great Ryburgh first called the RSPCA when she saw Mr Amos and his wife Angela, take some property on the bus and leave the cats in the kitchen, though they did return days later.

The RSPCA advised the neighbour to contact them if it happened again.

Two days later Mr and Mrs Amos left the property and never returned. This time they turfed the cats outside and abandoned them.

– Jonathan Eales

The couple were both charged with two counts of failing to meet the welfare needs of a cat or to protect a cat from suffering as a consequence of being left unattended at a property.

The defendants, whose given address is Osborne Road, Wisbech, did not attend the court hearing. It is understood both cats have been rehomed.


Women trapped in Essex flat fire 'woken by cats'

Three women who were asleep when a fire started in their flat in Essex say they were warned of the danger by their cats.

The women had become trapped by the fire in their flat in Pennymead, Harlow, and had to be rescued by firefighters.

Harlow Station Officer Steve Pritchard said: "The fire was by the front door of the flat which was the only way out, so the three women inside did exactly the right thing, they stayed in a bedroom with the door closed to keep smoke to a minimum."

Though there was a smoke alarm in the flat, the women told firefighters they didn't recall it sounding, but said they were woken by their cats.

Animal rescue charity has too many cats

A kitten needing a home at Wood Green Animal Shelter

An animal charity in Cambridgeshire is urging anyone thinking of getting a pet to consider a rescue cat or kitten.

The Wood Green charity currently cares for 143 cats and kittens but says they have a staggering 506 waiting to come into its three centres.

During the same time in 2010 the Charity had 274 cats on the waiting list.