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Phase two of multi-million pound defence scheme underway in Essex

Phase two of a multi-million pound defence scheme that is protecting thousands of homes and transforming part of our coastline in Essex is well underway.

Work on three miles of shoreline between Holland-on-Sea and Clacton Pier has already resulted in sand levels rising by around 15 feet (4.57 metres).

Phase Two of the £36 million improvements funded by Essex County Council and the Environment Agency is now in full swing.

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Elderly man rescued from the sea

An elderly man was rescued from the sea at Clacton in Essex after getting into difficulty in the water.

The 77-year-old from Ipswich was spotted face down off the town’s beach yesterday afternoon by members of the public and one of Tendring District Council’s Beach Patrol team.

Beth Higgins was making her wayback to the boathouse from a regular patrol when she saw the man and went to help three people get him out of the water.

An off-duty nurse checked the man over and stayed with him along with members of the team until paramedics and an ambulance arrived and took him to hospital.

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Bravery award for Geo the dog

A family dog who saved a boy from Clacton from serious injury is to get a bravery award.

Geo's owner Carly Riley said he pushed her 10-year-old son Charlie out of the way of a truck - but the German Shepherd suffered horrific injuries.

Thankfully this story does have a happy ending: Geo's now made a full recovery and is back at home.

Geo the hero dog

The Riley family and hero dog Geo Credit: ITV Anglia

An Essex dog which risked its life to protect its young owner is to receive a special award from the International Fund for Animal Welfare at the House of Lords.

When German Shepherd-collie cross Geo was just seven months old, he suffered horrific injuries when he put himself in the path of a runaway lorry which was heading straight for 10-year-old Charlie Riley.

Charlie's mother Carly, of Clacton-on-Sea, was walking Geo, Charlie and her other two children home from school in November last year when the out-of-control lorry careered onto the pavement, heading straight for Charlie.

Despite vet bills totalling £8,000, the family never considered having Geo put to sleep.


Investigation work completed for sea defence scheme

Ground investigation work at Clacton. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Ground investigation works have been completed in Clacton as part of the first stages of a coastal defence plan.

Construction should start next year at Clacton and Holland-on-sea with 25 fishtail groynes being installed and the beach being recharged.

It'll cost £30m but it won't be known until September if the Environment Agency will contribute £19m to the project.

Fishermen recover after boat sinks

The RNLI Clacton crew approach the fishing boat that sank on Saturday afternoon Credit: Clacton RNLI

Three fishermen are recovering after being rescued when their boat started sinking off the Essex coast on Saturday afternoon.

The alarm was raised at about one o'clock when the boat got into trouble at Dengie Flats.

The RNLI Clacton inshore boat went to the scene, along with a yacht sailing from nearby Burnham, which picked the three crew up and took them back to Burnham.

The lifeboat was back on station by two o'clock

The yacht that helped rescue three crew of a sinking fishing boat off the Essex coast Credit: Clacton RNLI

Fishermen rescued after boat sinks off Essex

Three fishermen have been rescued after their boat sank off the Essex coast this afternoon.The 25ft vessel got into trouble at Dengie Flats.

The RNLI's Clacton inshore lifeboat went to the scene. Helmsman Danny Thtacher said

“When we got there the boat had already sunk and you could see it on the bottom.“A passing yacht coming out of Burnham picked up the three crew members, who were safe and well.“The yacht was happy to take them back to Burnham. “We are grateful to the yacht’s crew for its assistance.”

– Danny Thatcher RNLI Clacton
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