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Tata Steel ordered to pay £2 million after two workers injured

Tata Steel has been ordered to pay more than £2 million after two workers suffered serious injuries at their Corby plant in Northamptonshire. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Tata Steel has been ordered to pay more than £2 million after two workers suffered serious injuries at their Corby plant in Northamptonshire.

A 26-year-old lost two thirds of his left hand while trying to clear a blockage on machinery at the site in Corby in September 2014, and a 52-year-old lost two thirds of his little finger when his hand was caught in a lathe at the same plant in February 2015, Northampton Crown Court heard.

The two incidents were investigated by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), which found the guarding on the two machines was inadequate. Tata Steel had pleaded guilty at a previous hearing to two counts of breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Judge Rupert Mayo ordered the company to pay a fine of £1,985,000 and costs of £22,500, saying the injuries were the result of "two subsequent and avoidable incidents."

"Guarding of dangerous parts of machinery is a fundamental of ensuring workers' safety. HSE will not hesitate to hold those accountable who do not fulfil their legal obligations, especially if that results in someone receiving life-changing injuries."

– Mark Austin, HSE inspector

Man jailed for life after shooting woman in face with sawn-off shotgun

Billy Johnson was found guilty of murdering Kerry Reeve Credit: Thames Valley Police

A man from Corby who shot a woman in the face at point-blank range with a sawn-off shotgun has been jailed for life.

Billy Johnson with his accomplice Charles Noble were found guilty of murder on Friday Credit: Thames Valley Police

20-year-old Billy Johnson killed Kerry Reeves in Oxfordshire last November.

She died two days later in hospital.

Both Johnson and his accomplice Charles Noble were sentenced to more than 20 years in prison each on Friday.

The jury found Johnson unanimously guilty of one count of murder and Noble unanimously guilty of one count of murder.

It is with regret that neither man showed any remorse for taking the life of an innocent woman by shooting her at point blank range.

Kerry’s murder has had a huge impact on her family and the community of Abingdon.

Although there can be no sense of happiness with the conviction of Charles Noble and Billy Johnson, I hope there is a sense of justice for Kerry’s mother, Nicky and her family.

– Det Ch Insp Mike Lynch, Thames Valley Police


Father of paralysed sisters says he just wants them to walk again

The family say they are staying strong despite what has happened Credit: Family picture

The father of two little girls who were left paralysed following a crash hopes that they will one day walk again and has vowed to spend the rest of his life trying to get the best for them.

Katrina, who is 8, has to use a wheelchair now Credit: Family picture
Karlina, 6, uses a wheelchair after the crash Credit: Family picture

Speaking outside court following the sentencing of crash driver Andrew Nay, Roberts Raibais, father of Katrina and Karlina Raiba, added that "life has totally changed since the crash", and that along with his wife "they are doing everything to try and get the best for the girls".

He added the sisters were back at school and doing well, and that they were happy and smiley, but they kept asking when they would be able to feel their legs again.

"We are a very strong family", Mr Raibais said.

Road rage driver who paralysed girls gets four and a half years

Andrew Nay Credit: PA Images

A man from Northamptonshire who left two sisters paralysed after his 4x4 smashed into their family car during a road rage chase, has been jailed for four and a half years.

39-year-old Andrew Nay from Corby crashed into the Vauxhall as he made a right-hand turn across oncoming traffic near Wellingborough - causing sisters Katrina and Karlina Raiba, aged five and eight, to suffer life-changing injuries last October.

The judge said "Although you pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity you maintained your account to the very end" and there was "overwhelming evidence against you". "You continued to maintain an account that was incredible and inconsistent".

Nay will serve 4.5 years in jail and be disqualified from driving for a further four years after release.


Government considers pension law change to speed up Tata Steel sale

Tata steel employs 500 people in Corby. Credit: PA

The government is looking at changing pension laws to help the sale of Tata Steel which employs 500 people at Corby.

A consultaton process has been launched to look at price index changes to the British Steel pension fund which many of the Corby workers belong to, that could potentially save billions of pounds.

Tata plants up for sale as future of Corby mill remains uncertain

Around 500 people are employed at the Corby plant. Credit: PA

Tata steel will begin the official process to sell its UK plants today, with the future of the Corby site still unclear.

The government says a number of interested parties have come forward, including Liberty Steel, who are said to have had "positive meetings" with the business secretary.

The steel rolling mill in Corby employs around 500 people.

Uncertain future for Corby steelworkers

Tom Pursglove MP has tweeted in reponse to the decision. Credit: ITV Anglia.

There is still uncertainty for the future of workers at Corby's Tata Steel Mill after the company announced it will try to sell all of its UK plants.

Six hundred jobs there are currently at risk as part of the latest cutbacks in steel production.

The decision was taken in India last night.

Since that decision the MP for Corby Tom Pursglove has tweeted his support for the workers in his constituency and the steel industry as a whole

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