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Dad's Army van parks up in Norfolk

Corporal Jones's butcher's van Credit: Dad's Army Museum

The butcher's van used in the TV series has been bought by the Dad's Army museum at Thetford in Norfolk. The 1935 Ford box van sold at auction for more than £63,000. In the show it was owned by Lance Corporal Jones, played by Clive Dunn, who died recently.

The van was orginally built in Liverpool and found by one of the show's producers in a dilapidated state in London. It was altered so the Home Guard could poke their rifles through the side and brought to Thetford for filming.

When Dads Army ended in 1977 it was sold to a Ford dealer in Finchley and then in the 1990's it was sold to the Patrick Motor Museum in Birmingham. It'll be housed at the Charles Burrell museum in Thetford and available for the public to view from Easter next year.