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Local seaside piers thriving

It seems our seaside piers are thriving, despite a tough few years for the economy.

A new report suggests piers in other parts of the country are under threat, because of the high cost of insurance and upkeep. But here in the Anglia region, the likes of Cromer, Southwold and Clacton piers are bucking the national trend.

They are in good condition, and remain popular tourist attractions.


  1. Malcolm Robertson

Long distance lifeguards

With fine weather on the coast this weekend, beach lifeguards have had plenty of people to keep an eye on.

At Cromer in Norfolk, they've were instructing visitors from Bangladesh, who are keen to develop lifesaving techniques back home.

Red Arrows blow to Carnival

Red Arrows will be in Clacton Credit: PA

The Red Arrows won't be flying at Cromer Carnival this year, it has been announced.

The carnival takes place in August and clashes with the Eastbourne International Air Show. Tony Shipp, one of the Carnival organisers said they were disappointed not to have the display team at the event.

"The Red Arrows do try to give everyone a fair crack but we're disappointed not to have them. We are trying to get another aerial display, and we should hear about this later this week."

Fans of the famous airobatics team should not be downhearted as they will be in the region this year - they'll be flying at the Clacton Air Show on August 21st and 23rd.


Norwich city centre standstill for Alan Partridge filming

Perhaps the slowest car chase in movie history was played out through the streets of Norwich as part of the latest filming for the new Alan Partridge movie.

The city played host to its most famous fictional son and his creator Steve Coogan during Thursday while he was filming on location outside City Hall.

Click below to watch an interview with Simon Greenall who appears with Steve Coogan in the Alan Partridge Movie.

Partridge's Norwich return

Steeve Coogan has already been filming at Cromer Credit: ITV Anglia

Norwich's most famous fictional son makes a return to the city today. The Forum and nearby City Hall will be providing the backdrop for filming of a new movie, featuring Steve Coogan's creation Alan Partridge.

Earlier this week, Cromer Pier was closed off to the public as film crews took over for the day.

Filming will take place at the Forum and City Hall Credit: ITV Anglia
  1. Luke Farrington

In search of Alan Partridge at the Norfolk seaside

It would be worth giving an Oscar to a new film being made in Norfolk at the moment just to hear the acceptance speech from the star.

Quite what America would make of an 'Aha' or two from Norfolk's fictional broadcaster Alan Partridge would remain to be seen.

Luke Farrington travelled to North Norfolk to find the man with a passion for the county who was proving surprisingly elusive.

Click below to watch his report.

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