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Man armed with machete steals money from till of Daventry shop

The man entered the Co-op in Edinburgh Square wearing a balaclava. Credit: Northamptonshire Police

A man armed with a machete and wearing a balaclava robbed a shop in Daventry last night (January 13).

The man entered the Co-op in Edinburgh Square and demanded that staff hand over cash.

He took some money from the till and headed off in the direction of Highfield.

Police say he was white, between 5ft and 5ft 5in, had blue eyes and a northern accent.


Police car destroyed in suspected arson attack

The car was completely destroyed. Credit: Northamptonshire Police

A police car was set on fire by vandals in Daventry.

The Vauxhall Astra was parked at the Danetree Garage on the West March Industrial Estate when it was set on fire just after 1am this morning.

Shortly after the car was set on fire, two men seen running from the area. Nobody was injured in the incident but the car was completely destroyed.

"This was a mindless attack on a police car which sadly takes one of our response vehicles off the road. Fortunately it won’t cause too much of a logistical problem as we will be able to get our fleet back up to full strength quite easily. We would however appeal to anyone who knows anything about this incident to contact us with that information.”

– Northamptonshire Police.


Birds of prey drafted in to tackle pigeon problem

A council in Northamptonshire is drafting in specially trained birds of prey to scare off local pigeons.

Daventry District Council says their droppings can carry disease and erode the stonework on buildings.

Hawks and falcons will fly around the town centre for 10 days, to try and encourage the pigeon population to move on.

Click below to watch a report from ITV News Anglia's Sarah Cooper:

Birds of prey flown in to scare off town centre pigeons

Richard Henderson and one year old Goose, the male Harris Hawk Credit: ITV News Anglia

Birds of prey are being drafted in to Northamptonshire, to help deal with problem pigeons posing a health risk in Daventry town centre.

The action is being taken by Daventry District Council, in response to concerns over the growing number of pigeons creating a mess in the town, particularly Bowen Square and Foundry Place.

As well as looking unsightly, bird droppings carry disease and can erode stonework on buildings and block gutters.

During a two-week programme, experienced handlers will fly falcons in a wide arc around the town centre, deterring pigeons from roof tops and balconies. The Harris hawk will be walked around the town to move the pigeons from paths and walkways.

The birds of prey will then be brought back to the town, to deter the pigeons from returning.

"Our falconry response programmes create a visual deterrent, letting the pest birds know that the area is no longer safe.The presence of a hawk or falcon quickly makes an area undesirable to feral pigeons and encourages them to establish a new pattern of behaviour. This is a natural method of bird control which utilises nature's instincts to move the pigeons on - they will not roost in an area where they know there is a predator and over time pigeons will leave the area."

– Jon Bailey, NBC Bird and Pest Solutions

Youngsters in Northamptonshire compete in own Rugby World Cup

Throughout the Rugby World Cup there has been a singular aim of creating a legacy and getting more youngsters playing the sport.

It's already happening in Northamptonshire with hundreds of school children taking part in their own rugby world cup competition in Daventry.

About 400 children from more than 20 schools were taking part in a Festival of Tag Rugby.

Click below to watch a report by ITV News Anglia's Sarah Cooper

Footage shows moment police officers smash down door in double drugs raid

Northamptonshire Police have released a video of two separate drugs raids carried out in Daventry earlier today.

The footage shows the moment police officers smashed their way into a home to carry out a search of one of the properties.

The force says it's conducted two search warrants under the misuse of drugs act.

Two people at different addresses were given cautions for possession of cannabis.

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