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Fire station destroyed in blaze didn't have sprinklers

Downham Market Fire Station Credit: Hayley Clarke

Norfolk Fire Service has confirmed that a fire station which burned down on Tuesday morning wasn't fitted with sprinklers.

The retained station at Downham Market was destroyed along with a new vehicle inside. The damage has been estimated around two million pounds.

The county's deputy chief fire officer said the service should have followed its own advice.

The station currently has a new engine which is being kept at the police station, next door to the destroyed fire station.

Investigations into blaze which burnt down fire station

Downham Market Fire Station Credit: Kathy Mellish

Norfolk Fire Service investigations are continuing today into how one of its own stations caught fire, destroying the building and its new fire engine inside.

The blaze at Downham Market started in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Compressed air cylinders inside the building exploded.

The cost of the damage is expected to be around two million pounds.


Before and after pictures of fire-hit fire station

It's a rare occurrence - a fire in a fire station.

According to the Deputy Fire Officer of Norfolk Roy Harrold, in his 25 years in the fire service he's known it happen on only three occasions.

These 'before' and 'after' pictures were sent in by ITV Anglia viewer Paul Norfolk

Downham Market fire station before the fire Credit: Paul Norfolk
At the height of the blaze on Monday night

Fire station blaze causes damage put at £2m

An investigation has started after a blaze destroyed both a fire station and the new fire engine inside at an estimated cost of £2 million.

It happened in Downham Market at around midnight on Monday night. People living nearby had to be evacuated after breathing apparatus cylinders inside the building exploded.

Dozens of firefighters from across Norfolk and Cambridgeshire tackled the flames which had been spotted by officers working at the police station next door.

The ravaged building was only eight years old. A thorough investigation is underway but early indications are that an electrical fault was to blame.

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Blaze destroys West Norfolk fire station

The fire station at Downham Market has been destroyed. Credit: Picture: Kathy Mellish.

A retained fire station at Downham Market in Norfolk has been destroyed in a blaze overnight.

Eight crews from the surrounding area tackled the fire on London Road which began just after midnight.

The fire engine stationed there has been destroyed.

The fire engine based at the station has also been destroyed. Credit: Picture: Kathy Mellish.
The fire station at Downham Market has been destroyed. Credit: ITV News Anglia.
The fire station at Downham Market the morning after the blaze. Credit: Picture: Kathy Mellish.

Norfolk: First signs of spring as lambing begins

A Rare Breeds Centre near Downham Market in Norfolk has begun its lambing season, but has spring come early because of our mild winter?

Statistics say we've had one of the mildest and sunniest winters in East Anglia for years, with higher than average amounts of sunshine.

In Cambridgeshire, the popular snow drop festival at Anglesey Abbey has come two weeks early and blossom is already starting to appear on many trees across the region.

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Pictures: Lambing gets underway at Norfolk farm

A 2 week old lamb at Church Farm. Credit: ITV News Anglia

At Church Farm rare breed centre near Downham Market in Norfolk, the lambing season is in full swing.

The lamb pictured above is around 2 weeks old, and the farm park will carry on lambing up until April.

Lambing often begins in February. Credit: ITV News Anglia

It's not unusual in East Anglia for lambing to be early in February, because the climate here is generally kinder.

Farmers will lamb all at once, while places like Church Farm stagger their lambing, because rare breeds come into season at different times.

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