Unemployment in East Anglia falls by 2,000

Unemployment in the region has decreased by 2,000, as the number of people in work nationally reaches its highest level since records began.

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Suffolk soaking makes it the wettest day of the month

A torrential downpour in the early hours of Monday morning made Santon Downham in Suffolk the wettest place in the UK.

Between 1am and 11am, the site in Thetford Forest had 51.2 mm (2 inches) of rain which is close to the amount it receives during the whole of an average July. During just one hour at 5am, the weather station had 33 mm (1.3 inches) of rain.

The deluge was isolated and most places in the Anglia region had little or no rain by 10am Monday morning.

Sunset in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk on Sunday evening.
Sunset in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk on Sunday evening. Credit: Felix Grey

Norwich had 48.6 mm (1.9 inches) of rain on Sunday 20 July.

Rainfall totals averaged across the Anglia region during July have reached 56 mm (2.2 inches) which is 25% more rain than normal. But that average hides wide variations in the totals. Norwich has so far had 95 mm (3.7 inches) of rain during July while Bedford has had just 35 mm (1.4 inches).

The Anglia region is not as wet as July 2012 when there was 107 mm (4.2 inches) making it the second wettest July on record.


Torrential showers and thunderstorms affecting Essex

Rainfall radar at 12:30pm Friday.
Rainfall radar at 12:30pm Friday. Credit: Met Office.

Torrential, thundery downpours are currently moving south through Essex, having developed this afternoon near Braintree. Rainfall rates greater than 32mm per hour are highlighted in white on the rainfall radar map. The Met Office issued a yellow warning earlier today for the risk of disruption due to localised heavy rain.

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Met Office warns of localised heavy downpours this afternoon

Yellow warning issued for Essex, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire this afternoon
Yellow warning issued for Essex, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire this afternoon. Credit: Met Office.

The Met Office have issued a yellow warning for southern parts of Essex, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire this afternoon because of the risk of heavy showers or thunderstorms.

Although the majority of the Anglia region is expected to stay dry and largely sunny, some torrential downpours are possible in the south, accompanied by hail and thunder.

According to the Met Office Chief Meteorologist:

An unstable airmass across the south-east of England and with another very warm day expected, coupled with high humidity, some heavy showers or thunderstorms are likely to develop this afternoon within the warning area. As is always the case with showers, some places may see no rainfall at all, whilst others receive 20 mm or more in an hour. Hail and thunder may be an additional hazard. Showers will gradually die out this evening as temperatures decrease.

– Met Office Chief Meteorologist

First World War Centenary: A School Report from the Open Academy in Norwich

This tale was sent in by 14-year-old Ethan Harvey, a First World War enthusiast from The Open Academy in Norwich.

He told ITV News Anglia he wanted to tell us about a soldier who was involved in one of the most famous stories from the Great War.

And, when it comes to re-creating it, Ethan has been meticulous - right down to building his own trench.

This is the story of one soldier's life in the trenches.

First World War Centenary: A School Report from Ashton Middle School in Dunstable

Earlier this year, ITV News Anglia launched its First World War Centenary School Report and asked children from across the region to tell us a Great War story from their area.

The last in our series has been made by year eight pupils at Ashton Middle School in Dunstable.

Pupils there have been looking at the stories of their school's former pupils who fought in the Great War, the sacrifices made, and what Armistice Day means to them.

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