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Fewer of us are taking time off sick

The East of England has one of the UK's lowest sickness rates among its workers.

Employees in East Anglia take an average of four and a half days off due to illness each year compared with a national average of 4.9 days.

According to manufacturers organisation EEF, sickness levels are at a record low but long term absence, due to stress and mental health disorders, is on the increase.

Sickness and absence levels in this region may be amongst the lowest in the UK, but we cannot afford to rest on our laurels. Driving down absence rates, helping more employees return to work earlier and encouraging their well-being is critical for our economy. But, despite employers increasing investment in managing sickness absence and providing their employees with more health-related benefits, the improvement in overall absence rates has more or less now plateaued.

– Jim Davison, Eastern Region Director at EEF

Tenants fear "revenge evictions" if they complain to landlords

Tenants increasingly fear becoming victims of "revenge evictions" according to Shelter. Credit: PA images.

A national housing charity says it has seen a record increase in the number of tenants reporting that they are afraid of being evicted from their homes.

The number of calls Shelter took from people in the East of England has more than doubled from 250 to nearly 600 in 12 months.

Nine per cent of the tenants it asked said they had avoided asking their landlord to repair a problem or improve conditions in the last year because they feared eviction.

Shelter is calling them "revenge evictions" and said a worrying 2% of people contacting them had become victims after they dared to complain about a problem that was not their responsibility.

Housing Minister Kris Hopkins is reviewing whether to change the law to tackle the problem. Today, Shelter called for stronger protection from eviction for renters who reported bad conditions.


East of England Ambulance Service patient survey finds most pleased with treatment

East of England Ambulance Service patient survey finds most are pleased with their treatment,

A survey of patients using the East of England Ambulance Service has found that almost all were pleased with the treatment they received.

Every month the Patient Experience Team questions people who have been treated and the results for January show 98% said their experience met or exceeded expectations.

131 people responded to the survey which covered things like ambulance response times and the attitude of staff. In the past the Trust has been criticised for poor response times.


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