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MPs warn some Halloween costumes could be demonising to those with mental health issues

Some of the regions MPs are warning people about the darker side of Halloween festivities.

The Care Minister and Norfolk MP Norman Lamb say that some costumes could be demonising those with mental health issues.

Click below to watch Malcolm Robertson's report:

Firefighters set to strike for four days over fireworks weekend

Exactly 24 hours from now, firefighters across the East will walk out on strike in a row over pensions.

With Bonfire night just days away and Halloween tomorrow, the strike is falling on one of the busiest weekends of the year for the service.

Fire chiefs are advising the public to remain vigilant.


Mum hosts sugar free party for daughter serving fruit sticks and a cake made of watermelon

Children's parties. Normally they are filled with fun, games and lots of sugar. The little ones leave with party bags and often hyped up, the parents leave well exhausted.

But given all the recent publicity about the dangers of sugar what if there were parties with none at all? Would it spoil all the fun?

Ellie Barker has been investigating.


Commuters could end up forking out an extra £400 a year

It was announced today that the average season ticket price could increase by 3.5% in January.

That's based on today's inflation figure of 2.5% - and another 1% added on top for investment.

But with train companies allowed to put tickets up by another 2% - it means commuters could face a hike of over 5%.

Which could mean commuters forking out an extra £400 a year.

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