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New easyJet deal for Essex airport

The budget airline easyJet, based in Luton but with a strong presence at Stansted, has eased concerns at the Essex airport by signing a new deal to stay put.

After a period of instability, which has seen the airport sold and various airlines suggesting they might re-locate due to rising costs there, easyJet's decision is being seen as a return to better times.

The new owners at the airport say the deal will safegaurd jobs and is good news for passengers.

Hear from Stansted's Managing Director, Andrew Harrison.

easyJet deal to 'double' its passengers at Stansted Airport


The airline Easyjet has agreed a deal with the owners of Stansted Airport, that could see it double its passenger numbers at the Essex hub to six million over the next five years.

Meanwhile flights at Luton and Stansted Airports are getting back to normal today after two days of strikes in France. Around 13 flights from Luton and 37 from Standsted were cancelled yesterday.


New course to help overcome a fear of flying

easyJet passenger plane Credit: ITV Anglia

Luton based airline easyJet is launching a Fearless Flyer Course to help people conquer their phobia of flying in an aeroplane. The course costs £179 including a flight from London Luton Airport. People on the course can also take a companion with them.

The three hour course is being held next Thursday. The airline says around one six people has a fear of flying.

Luton-based airline joins FTSE

Airline joins FTSE 100 Index Credit: ITV News Anglia

No-frills airline easyJet will join the FTSE 100 Index this week after a record run for its share price.

The Luton-based carrier has become the London market's 82nd largest company with a value of £4 billion.

Its shares closed at a record high of more than £10 on Friday, having stood at just under £4 in July 2010.


easyJet founder to vote against company

The founder of Luton-based airline easyJet is to vote against the company at its annual meeting.

Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, who with his family holds 36% of easyJet's shares, is unhappy with plans to order a new fleet of fuel-efficient aircraft.

He plans to oppose the re-election of Sir Mike Rake as non-executive chairman and the board's remuneration report at the meeting on February 21st.

Sir Stelios failed in attempts to oust Sir Mike at previous meetings. He believes the new planes are not necessary and will be acquired at the detriment of shareholders.

He is unhappy that Sir Mike is standing for re-election, when he has already announced he will leave the company in the summer.

We do not believe directors who have resigned should be allowed to commit any company to a major programme of capital expenditure that will burden the company for 5-7 years after their departure.

– Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou

Airline seeks pilots

easyJet says it needs 330 new pilots for 2013 Credit: Press Association

Luton based airline easyJet is to create 330 new jobs for pilots this year across its 11 UK bases, which include Southend, Luton and Stansted.

The company says it offers a clear career path for pilots with the potential to move from first officer to captain more quickly than other airlines.

London Southend wins passenger vote

An easyJet aircraft takes off from London Southend Credit: London Southend Airport

London Southend Airport come out top in easyJet’s latest Customer Satisfaction Survey.

The survey, which was conducted across all of easyJet’s airports, asked travellers to rate their travelling experience.

The airline has flown more than half a million passengers from the airport since April 2012.

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