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Met Office warning of winds gusting to 60 mph

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for strong winds in the Anglia region gusting up to 60 mph on Saturday evening.

There could be disruption to travel in the region.

The weather warning is in force until 11.45pm on Saturday 6 February 2016

Area covered by Saturday's yellow weather warning. Credit: Met Office

The Met Office says southerly winds with strengthen across southern and then many eastern and central parts of England with gales developing, which are likely to be severe at times along English Channel coasts.

Winds should steadily decrease from the west this evening.

"Southerly gales will develop today as an active frontal system moves across the area from the west.

"Gusts of 40-50 mph are likely quite widely inland with gusts of around 60-65 mph affecting English Channel coasts at times."

– Met Office Chief Forecaster's Assessment

There will be more windy weather on Monday as Storm Imogen sweeps across the UK.

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Highest wind gusts in the Anglia region on Saturday 6 February 2016

  • 57 mph in Cranfield, Bedfordshire
  • 54 mph in Bedford
  • 54 mph in Wittering, Cambridgeshire
  • 51 mph in Holbeach, Lincolnshire
  • 50 mph at Andrewsfield near Braintree, Essex
  • 48 mph in Marham, Norfolk
  • 43 mph in Weybourne, Norfolk

St. Neots treated to a spectacular view of five planets at once

Conditions couldn't have been better for viewing this rare sight in the night sky just before dawn this morning (Thursday 28th January 2016).

With skies predicted to clear overnight, Roger Skillin took the opportunity capture five planets at once with his camera in the skies over St. Neots.

Five planets spotted together in the night sky above St Neots early this morning. Credit: Roger Skillin

Roger's breathtaking shot faces towards the south - south east of the night sky. Jupiter can be seen to the west of the moon. Mars, Saturn and Venus appear to descend towards the horizon to the east of the moon.

Roger has even managed to capture Mercury as it rises just above the horizon and a few thin high clouds associated with a weather front to the south.

If you missed this morning's display, all five planets will be visible in the early morning sky until 20th February. Hopefully, we will be lucky enough to enjoy another morning as clear as this one.


Frosty scenes as temperatures dip below -5°C in the Anglia region

Frost, ice and freezing fog have hit the Anglia region as temperatures plunged close to -6°C.

The lowest temperature in the region was -5.6°C recorded at Norwich airport shortly before 6am.

Frost and ice at Needham Woods in Suffolk. Credit: Louise Woods
  • -5.6°C at Norwich airport
  • -4.8°C at Writtle, Essex
  • -4.5°C at Woburn, Bedfordshire
  • -4.3°C at Harpenden, Hertfordshire
  • -3.2°C at Stowe, Buckinghamshire

The lowest temperature in the UK was -11.6°C at Kinbrace in Scotland

Met Office issues freezing fog warning for morning rush hour

Drivers are being urged to take extra care on the roads with a Met Office weather warning for freezing fog in force for the Anglia region.

The Met Office says patches of fog and freezing fog have become more widespread overnight with visibility falling below 100 metres in places.

Be aware that this will cause difficult travel conditions, and some disruption to transport.

Area covered by the Met Office yellow weather warning for fog and freezing fog. Credit: Met Office

The weather warning covers much of the Anglia region and is in force until 10am on Thursday 21 January 2016

"Clear skies, light winds and rapidly falling temperatures have allowed patches of fog and freezing fog to form.

"These are expected to become widespread overnight, but will start to clear southern counties around dawn as wind speeds start to increase. However, fog and freezing fog will be slower to clear in the north, for example Vale of York."

– Met Office Chief Forecaster's Assessment
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