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High levels of pollution across the region

You may not have been able to see it, you may not even have been able to feel it... but you were almost certainly breathing it in today.

There were high levels of pollution across the region - bringing warnings to anyone with heart or lung conditions to avoid over-exertion while outside.

It's been caused by a combination of dust from the Sahara Desert, pollutants from the continent and traffic fumes here.

Hannah Pettifer reports from Cambridge on the day when there was definitely something in the air...


Easter temperatures still struggling the East but it is set to get warmer

Easter Monday temperatures are still on the cool side for early April in many parts of the Anglia region with the airflow off the chilly North Sea.

Many other parts of the UK are basking in warm sunshine while a blanket of cloud has shrouded the Eastern counties from time to time.

The weather is dry with high pressure centred over the UK. That anticyclone is set to build during the week eventually warming up the Anglia region and making it feel more springlike. Temperatures could reach 20°C by Thursday or Friday.

At 1pm on Easter Monday, the highest temperature across the UK was 18°C in Bournemouth. In the Anglia region at the same time it was just 7°C at Houghton in Norfolk and 8°C at Wattisham in Suffolk.

Click below to watch a computer forecast sequence showing daytime temperatures set to rise during the week

The great North-South divide of the Easter weather

Parts of Scotland saw temperatures around 20°C while the Anglia region was around 10°C. Credit: Met Office

There's been a great Easter north-south divide in the weather in the British Isles.

With temperatures in the Anglia region struggling to get into double figures on Easter Sunday, parts of east Scotland saw the thermometer rising to 20°C.

The temperature at 4pm in Charsfield near Ipswich in Suffolk was just 9°C - some four degrees below the April average for East Anglia.

In contrast at Aboyne in Aberdeenshire the temperature reached 20.7°C making it the warmest day in the UK since 31 October 2014.


Clouds part across Northamptonshire in time for the eclipse

The best partial solar eclipse since 1999 has begun across the Anglia region but for many the view is spoilt by cloud.

With the eclipse reaching a peak just after half nine this morning, the cloud is breaking up just in time across parts of Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire with promising signs for Milton Keynes and the far west of Norfolk.

Satellite image at 9am as the eclipse gets underway across the Anglia region Credit: Met Office.

Elsewhere, unfortunately, the overcast skies are expected to stay - at least until after the eclipse.

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