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Pedestrian killed on A12 in Essex was hit by a number of vehicles

A pedestrian has been killed in Essex after he was hit by a number of vehicles early this morning.

The man, who is believed to be in his 20s, was walking along the A12's northbound carriageway between Boreham and Hatfield Peverel when he was hit.

It led to the road being shut for much of this morning's rush hour while police carried out their investigations. The road was eventually reopened just before 11 o'clock.


Severe delays after pedestrian killed on A12 in Essex

The pedestrian was killed on the A12. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Police in Essex have confirmed that a man in his 20s has been killed on the A12 in Essex.

The incident happened at about 3am this morning, the pedestrian was in collision with a number of vehicles.

Forensic recovery work is now taking place.

Because of that the northbound carriageway will be closed for most of the morning between the Boreham Interchange and the junction for Hatfield Peverel South.

One lane is also closed on the southbound carriageway which is also causing delays.

"This is a tragic incident where a man has died. The road will have to be closed for a number of hours during the rush hour but this is so important forensic recovery work can take place so we can find out how he died.

Motorists are asked for their patience and understanding during this time."

– Inspector Scott Egerton


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Audio: RAF pilot 'confronts Latvian plane'

Aviation enthusiasts EGXWinfo Group have posted an audio clip online, which they claim to be a recording of an RAF pilot trying to make contact with the Latvian plane.

In it, the pilot warns that the plane will be shot down if it does not follow his instructions.

The Ministry of Defence refused to confirm or deny whether the audio was genuine.

Audio from SoundCloud/The EGXWinfo Group

Essex Police statement: "Military jets were deployed on a precautionary basis"

"Military jets were deployed on a precautionary basis when a Latvian registered cargo plane was diverted to Stansted. This was due to a loss of communication with the aircraft. The aircraft landed safely at Stansted airport at around 5.20pm on Wednesday October 29. All three people who were on board have been spoken to by police, it was established that everything was in order and reason for the short loss of communication was due to a change in airspace jurisdiction. Essex Police is not investigating the incident and the aircraft will be able to continue its journey to Birmingham when it is ready."

– Spokesperson, Essex Police

"Loud bang" was caused by RAF Typhoon jets going supersonic

The RAF has confirmed that they scrambled 2 Typhoon jets to intercept a Russian-built Latvian cargo plane.

A "loud bang" was heard in the Kent area earlier this afternoon, and the RAF now say that the bang was as a result of the Typhoons going supersonic.

They also added that they were sorry to anyone that they startled during the interception.

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