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Audio: RAF pilot 'confronts Latvian plane'

Aviation enthusiasts EGXWinfo Group have posted an audio clip online, which they claim to be a recording of an RAF pilot trying to make contact with the Latvian plane.

In it, the pilot warns that the plane will be shot down if it does not follow his instructions.

The Ministry of Defence refused to confirm or deny whether the audio was genuine.

Audio from SoundCloud/The EGXWinfo Group


Essex Police statement: "Military jets were deployed on a precautionary basis"

"Military jets were deployed on a precautionary basis when a Latvian registered cargo plane was diverted to Stansted. This was due to a loss of communication with the aircraft. The aircraft landed safely at Stansted airport at around 5.20pm on Wednesday October 29. All three people who were on board have been spoken to by police, it was established that everything was in order and reason for the short loss of communication was due to a change in airspace jurisdiction. Essex Police is not investigating the incident and the aircraft will be able to continue its journey to Birmingham when it is ready."

– Spokesperson, Essex Police

"Loud bang" was caused by RAF Typhoon jets going supersonic

The RAF has confirmed that they scrambled 2 Typhoon jets to intercept a Russian-built Latvian cargo plane.

A "loud bang" was heard in the Kent area earlier this afternoon, and the RAF now say that the bang was as a result of the Typhoons going supersonic.

They also added that they were sorry to anyone that they startled during the interception.

RAF jets accompany plane to Stansted Airport after "loud bang"

Stansted Airport. Credit: PA

Stansted Airport has confirmed to ITV News that two RAF jets have accompanied a plane which has now landed at the airport.

It follows earlier reports of a "loud bang" being heard in the Kent area at about 4.40pm.

Kent police have now confirmed that the "loud bang" felt by residents was related to the RAF activity.


Murder investigation launched following discovery of human bones on Essex island

Angela Millington. Credit: Essex Police

A murder investigation has been launched after the bones of a woman washed up on the coast of Essex.

They've been confirmed as the remains of 33-year-old Angela Millington from Southend.

The bones were found by ramblers as they walked on Foulness Island. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The bones were found by ramblers as they walked on Foulness Island.

Detectives are now working to find out exactly how she died.

"I would appeal for anyone who knew Angela to come forward. The last definite sighting of her was when she visited a housing officer in Westcliff on November 21.

Money was also drawn out of her bank account on that day. Her mobile phone has not been used since the end of November and we have not found any of her clothing or belongings.

Angela was known to associate with street drinkers and local homeless people. There was a sighting of her by a police officer in the Porters Grange area of Southend on January 6 but we have no definite details of her movements since November 21.

The expert reports indicate that she did not die on Foulness but was either taken there or the body was carried there in the tide.”

– DCI Simon Werrett, Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate

Concern grows in Clacton after fresh sexual assault allegation

Police have released an e-fit image of a man they're looking to speak to. Credit: Essex Police

Police in Clacton say they're concerned the behaviour of a man who's been approaching children in the town is escalating, after a 20-year-old reported he'd been sexually assaulted.

They've released this e-fit of a man they'd like to speak to after a number of incidents in the last month, in which boys as young as 12 have been approached.

"This latest incident represents an escalation in this man's behaviour.

Previously he has spoken to victims and tried to persuade them to accompany him.

In this latest case he has grabbed the victim and pulled him into an alleyway off Anchor Road before sexually assaulting him."

– Detective Inspector Leighton Hammett, Essex Police

Long-running campaign reaps rewards as Southend Airshow return date is announced

The Southend Airshow in 2009. Credit: PA

A campaign to bring back the Southend Airshow has been a success, with a date set for the return of the event.

The last Airshow took place in 2012 and last year Southend Borough Council cancelled the event due to budget cuts and a lack of sponsorship.

Now, after an independent campaign to bring it back, it will now be called "The Southend Airshow and Military Festival".

It will take place on the weekend of 12th-13th September 2015.

"There is no doubt in my mind that Southend Airshow & Military Festival will be the highlight of Summer 2015.

The team has worked incredibly hard over the last year and a half to create a fully costed, workable and sustainable event that Southend can be proud of and put the town on the map.

We will have more announcements to come, but for now we hope the whole town is as excited as we are that the Airshow is back!"

– Thomas Curtis, Director of Media and Communications
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