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Road safety group condemns decision to let speeding driver off ban

The road safety group Brake has criticised a decision by magistrates to let a driver who triggered seven safety cameras - one at 109 miles an hour - off without a ban.

Alex McFarlane from Basildon was has been given 42 points on his licence for setting off cameras seven times between June and August 2014.

Brake says the decision makes 'a mockery of the system.'

“The penalty points system exists to give drivers who make a mistake a second chance, while taking serious repeat offenders off the road. However, incidents like this, where the ‘exceptional hardship’ clause is so blatantly abused, make a mockery of the system. If being able to continue driving is genuinely so vital to your circumstances, you should think about this before repeatedly breaking the law. It is highly irresponsible to allow someone who has shown such disregard for the safety of others straight back on the road.”

– Ed Morrow, campaigns officer for Brake

Alex Dowsett: Tour is a 'pretty big deal'

Alex Dowsett and the Movistar team Credit: Alex Dowsett/Instagram

Maldon cyclist Alex Dowsett is set to make his debut in the world's biggest stage race tomorrow.

The 26-year-old will be riding for the Spanish Movistar team, he tweeted his reaction to seeing the tour up close for the first time, saying The Tour de France is a pretty big deal it seems!


Kate to donate Princess Charlotte's christening flowers to EACH charity

The East Anglia's Children's Hospices charity says it's delighted that flowers brought by well-wishers to the Royal Christening this weekend will be donated to them.

Princess Charlotte with her big brother Prince George. Credit: PA Images

Princess Charlotte will be christened on the the Sandringham Estate on Sunday. Her mother, The Duchess of Cambridge, is patron of the charity and has asked that any bouquets delivered there be collected and given to them to put in its hospices.

Essex Mum calls for reduced speed limit after cars crash into her home

A mum of four from Wickford in Essex says she fears for the safety of her family because of the frequency of collisions outside their home.

Alison Pinnock has seen numerous cars come inches away from crashing into her house on the Runwell Road, causing thousands of pounds in damage.

She says she may be forced to sell up if the county council refuse to reduce the speed limit.

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