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Call for people to buy British berries to support fruit farmers

Nearly 90% of fruit brought in Britain comes from abroad and a countryside group is trying to change that.

The Council for the Protection of Rural England is pointing to the success story of British strawberries which account for 85% of the market between May and September.

However the CPRE says only 12% of the fruit we eat is home grown.

Ian Woodhurst, senior food and farming campaigner for CPRE said: "Berries are part of the English summer day, and buying them helps the rural economy and supports local growers to produce more."

Historic farming show ends after 200 years

The East of England Show in Peterborough has struggled to attract visitors in recent years and after financial losses in 2012 has been scrapped.

In the past it has been the biggest agricultural show in the region with the attendance topping more than 100,000 over the three-day event.

Click below to watch a report from ITV Anglia in 2004 which looked at the history of the show.

"Big and bold" decision to scrap East of England Show

The Chief Executive of the East of England Agricultural Society Jeremy Staples says it was "big and bold" decision to scrap the East of England Show.

The three-day event was already expected to be heavily reformed after losses in 2012 ran into "several hundred thousand pounds".

But now the show has been scrapped after running in some form for 200 years.

Mr Staples told ITV News Anglia: "The show was not proving attractive to what the public wanted in sufficient numbers to make it financially viable."

The showground in Peterborough will continue to operate and still has a calendar of events and shows scheduled over the next few months.

East of England show ends after 200 years

The historic East of England Show has been cancelled after 200 years. Credit: Andrew Parsons/PA Archive/Press Association Images

After months of review and speculation the East of England Show has been cancelled following a history of 200 years.

The three-day agricultural show which is held in Peterborough has been suffering from falling attendances and financial losses. In June 2012, the show was badly hit by the weather.

The show will be replaced by a series of smaller events.


Farmers look for higher yields

The Norfolk Farming Conference Credit: ITV Anglia

After a year of drought followed by flooding, farmers could look increasingly to science and technology for help in tackling changing weather patterns.

That's the message from this year's Norfolk Farming Conference which is taking place at the John Innes centre in Norwich.

Delegates at the Norfolk Farming Conference Credit: ITV Anglia

With rising food costs and a growing population the industry is pushing for solutions, like GM crops, developed and grown in the ITV Anglia region.

The price of farmland in the East at record high

The price of farmland in the East of England has reached record levels. Credit: ITV Anglia

The price of farmland in the East of England has reached record levels according to a new survey out today.

The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors says the average price of an acre of arable land is now more than £7,000.

The report's authors say demand for farmland continues to rise and they suspect prices will continue to climb in 2013.

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