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Underwater secrets of first ship sunk in World War One

The HMS Amphion sank on 6 August 1914 off Essex. Credit: Imperial War Museum

A shipwreck off the coast of Harwich has inspired a team of divers from Ipswich to venture beneath the waves to discover the secret of the first ship to be sunk in the First World War.

The HMS Amphion sank on 6 August 1914, just 36 hours after hostilities started. It claimed the lives of 132 men.

She sank a German ship that was laying mines but as she was sailing home one of the mines exploded and she too sank

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Stately home's historic role in the First World War

In 1914 a stately home in Bedfordshire became the first in the country to be made a convalescent hospital for injured soldiers.

By the end of the First World War, 1,600 servicemen had been treated at Wrest Park near Bedford. It had by then become a full-scale hospital, with even an operating theatre in one of the rooms upstairs.

Now a new exhibition has opened telling the stories of those who stayed and worked there.

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Norfolk: Stretcher bearers successfully complete unique charity walk

The stretcher bearers journey through Norfolk. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Three friends have ended a fifty mile charity walk to re-enact the bravery of First World War stretcher bearers.

It took them four days to walk from Narborough in West Norfolk to Norwich.

They slept in the open and ate soldier's rations.

They wanted to be a moving monument to the often forgotten heroes of the Great War who scoured the battlefields bringing rescue and relief to the wounded and dying.

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