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School Report: 'Henry Allingham'

At ITV Anglia we've also been marking the centenary of the First World War with our weekly School Reports, joining up with school children across the region. This week's story is about a well known soldier who fought in the Great War... but told in a slightly different way.

This is the 'School Report' sent to us by the Year 8's at 'Hellesdon High School' in Norfolk and it's about 'Henry Allingham'.

School Report: 'The Thankful Villages'

Here's our next look back at a local story from the First World War selected and told by schoolchildren from across the region.

We all know about the huge losses incurred in the First World War. But what you might not have heard about are those rare places in the country that did not lose a single life during the conflict.

They are known as the Thankful Villages and the Anglia region has six of them:

  • Culpho and South Elmham St Michael in Suffolk.
  • Strethall in Essex.
  • Puttenham in Hertfordshire.
  • East Carlton and Woodend in Northamptonshire.

This School Report was sent to us by Year 8 at Sir John Leman High School in Beccles in Suffolk and it tells the story of the Thankful Villages.


First World War Centenary School Report: The story of Edgar Mobbs

ITV News Anglia has been working with schools in the region to produce items looking at the First World War.

Northampton School for Girls have come up with a report about Edgar Mobbs, a soldier who was determined to do his bit for King and country and with a passion for a particular sport.

Petition to honour battlefield nurse

Edith Cavell was shot by a German firing squad

Relatives of a Norfolk-born nurse sentenced to death for saving the lives of hundreds of soldiers during the First World War will deliver a 100,000-strong petition calling for her to be commemorated on a new two pound coin.

Edith Cavell was known as the nurse who "saw no sides" because of the life-saving care she gave Allied troops and soldiers from the Axis powers alike.

But she was betrayed, arrested for treason and shot by firing squad in 1915


Selecting your First World War stories for broadcast

ITV News Anglia has been looking for schools to tell stories from their community about the First World War

The appeal for stories for the ITV News Anglia ‘First World War Centenary - School Report’ project is now closed.

We’ve had some wonderful stories sent in from schools and children from all over the region and our judges are looking forward to reading them all before deciding which will be selected to be turned into a report to appear on ITV News Anglia nearer the centenary of the Great War, this summer.

We will reveal the final list here on the website at midday on Friday 28 February and on the ITV News Anglia programme at 6pm.

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